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10 October 2007

The Suckdolls

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 12/22/2013. Enjoy, NØ.

The Suckdolls consisted of Kathy on drums, Krista on bass, & Brian on guitar. They were a short lived band but everyone who witnessed their shows or tasted their tunes loved them. Pay close attention to Krista's vocals for a glimpse into their true greatness. Brian & Kathy went on to play in The Retardos along with Dug from the ByProducts. The Suckdolls 45 (recorded by Bart) is some of the only music by this lively trio to make it to the listening public (they were also captured live at the notorious Punchupaloser festival).

After The Retardos, Brian & Kathy both did various musical projects. I have added more with The Retardos update.

The Suckdolls - You Say b/w Red Meat Myth self-released 7"
decryption code in comments

Tracks -
You Say - The Suckdolls
Red Meat Myth - The Suckdolls


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