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10 October 2007

Tally Ho by Drippy Drawers. Another great 7", this one 33rpm on blood red vinyl. These Sunnyvale punks were a sloppy riot of sound. Their philosophy as simply stated on this disc kinda sums up their sound. "We have found that when playing music it is best to mostly have lots of fun & not worry too much about playing music." Recorded & mixed October 1991 at House of Faith by Bart Thurber. There's even a song about EATING POOP!

Tracks :
Norm - Drippy Drawers
Drainin' the Main Vein on the Subway Train - Drippy Drawers
Steamy Loaf - Drippy Drawers

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  1. armchair hippy10/8/08, 6:04 AM

    i got this from a distro havin a clearout a few years ago and am still playin it every so often..

    listened to it t'other day and it takes me back to the nineties when i was nearly half my age and all i had to worry 'bout was gettin older (and now i'm there)