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20 October 2007

Vinyl Room II...

Nathan Nothin' here!

Since I started this blog, I've been going
through my records, seeing what all gems
might be found. I realized I should have some
cataloging of what I have, but where & how to

My collection is in what most others have called
random order or 'a mess'. I've always tried to group
my records by style or genre rather than alphabetically
by title or artist. This leads to some randomness, I'll admit, especially
when I don't always put the records back that I happen to be listening
to until some time later, & my genre designations tend toward the flexible.

There seemed no real way to compile a list of vinyl without
resorting to the old alpha beta, so this weekend I'm attempting
just that. I started through the punk stuff first, but haven't
got very far. I keep finding something else I need to hear.

This is what I've been playing today...

Global Mockery - Acme,Inc. - Bonded by Rage 7" 1994
L.A. Girl - Adolescents - Adolescents 1981
Bite the Hand that Feeds - Agent Orange - When You Least Expect It...1983
Rat Race - Agression - Bootleg (Live at CBGB's) 1985
Falling Out - Rikk Agnew - All by Myself 1982
Crawlpappy - Alice Donut - Mule 1990
Garbage Pit - Angry Samoans - STP not LSD 1988
Turn Away - Angst - Lite Life 1985
Long Live the Jihad - Assassins of God - Black Tongue Speaks, Vol. I 1991
Is Love Just Jive Turkey - Assfactor 4 - Sometimes I Suck 1993
Working Class Pride - Attitude Adjustment - American Paranoia 1986


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