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20 October 2007

Black Boots & Bikes

Nathan Nothin' here with some kick-ass hill-climbing
instrumentals & vocals featuring The Kickstands!

Black boots...fast bikes...a big beat
in great vocal & instrumental performances
from the sensational new group:

"Black boots & bikes will be the first album in your
Kickstands collection. But you'll be hearing a lot
more from this group, with the best of the great new
cycle songs, & just the right rockin' beat to back
them up. Here in their debut album, they present a
collection of numbers that capture all the adventurous
mood of bikes on the road, cross-country, & up the
hillside. The titles alone tell the story, in songs such
as Death Valley Run, Devil on Wheels, & Mean
Streak. & The Kickstands make them all as memorable
as the first tune you ever danced to. Black boots, bikes,
& The Kickstands are here to stay."

Needless to say, the above cover notes seem quite humorous
seeing how this was a one-off by The Kickstands, legends in
their own minds.

The Kickstands were one of writer and producer Gary Usher's
studio projects. Gary Usher and Roger Christian, who wrote
material for the Beach Boys and other notable early-'60s Southern
Californian surf and hot rod acts, penned most of the tracks.
The Kickstands made use of veteran L.A. session players.
With players from the so-called Wrecking Crew,
including guitarist Jerry Cole, drummer Earl Palmer,
saxophonist Steve Douglas, & Chuck Girard handling
most of the vocals,along with the likes of Leon Russell
& Glen Campbell. Despite utilizing top Hollywood sessionmen,
this was a hot rod exploitation album, hurriedly recorded while
the fad was still on track. The album did have, however,
a somewhat darker hue than most of Usher's sunshine & surf
productions. There's some good growling guitar playing,
particularly on the closing instrumental Scrambler.


Side One:
Death Valley Run
Hill Climb
Mean Streak
Side Car
Two Wheel Show Stopper
Haulin' Honda

Side Two:
Devil on Wheels
Ridin' Trails
Slow Ride South
Johnny Take Care


1 comment:

  1. Thank you for posting this.

    This was the first vinyl album I owned when I was about 6 (1970). I don't even know how I got got it. I just remember listening to it for hours.