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10 October 2007

The Retardos & beyond

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 12/22/2013. I have also added a great deal of additional output from members of The Retardos. Enjoy, NØ.

Finishing up this post with two 45s from The Retardos, who somehow tie this whole mess together. Meanwhile, Dug Six-pack (Doug Gwosdz) teamed up with Brian (Hermosillo) & Kathy (Walker) from The Suckdolls & Dave Masung, the keyboardist/singer to form The Retardos, a faux-60s power pop-rock band. What incestuous times.

The Retardos - Don't Want the...7",Super*Teem! SUP4504, 1995.
all decryption codes in comments

Side 1 -
I Can Only Dream (Protex cover)
Girl Like You (The Explosions cover)

Side 2 -
Quit This Town (Eddie & the Hot Rods cover)

The Retardos - Come on Back b/w Shame 7", Super*Teem! 4506, 1995.

Side 1 -

Come on Back

Side 2 -


Big Dave M moved from San Jose to Durham, NC & re-invented himself as Viva Cohen, the over-the-top lead singer for Jett Rink, an energetic disco-influenced pop-glam-surf-new wave-punk band. They released one self-titled EP. Here's a song from that...

Jett Rink - The Sweet, self-released, 2003.

Brian & Kathy went on to form the band Donny Denim with Darin Raffaelli of the band Supercharger & the Super*Teem! Record label.

Donny Denim - Hey You 7", radio X RX11, 1999.
Side A -
Hey You

Side B -
Rock 'n' Roll Love Affair

There were several further iterations of Donny Denim with Brian & Darin with various others. They had however parted ways with Kathy. Brian has gone on to have a productive & promising career. He provided 12-string guitar work for Nikki Corvette...

Nikki Corvette - Love Me 7", Rapid Pulse Records rp AtAll24, 2003.

Side A -
Love Me

Side B -
What's on My Mind

Brian then formed the band The Fevers. They have recorded several LPs & this 7".

The Fevers - Get on Again b/w Can't Be True 7", Plastic Idols Records PIR018, 2006.

Side A -
Get on Again

Side B -
Can't Be True

As a side project from The Fevers, he recorded some things with Sweet Faces.

Sweet Faces - Four Song 7", Douchemaster Records DMR019, 2008.

Side A -
On Top of That Girl
Here Comes the Nice Boys

Side B -
Leslie is a Noise Band
Cool Kids (Don't Wanna Listen)

Now I believe Brian is living in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is currently fronting Skipper, a Minneapolis band. Brian Hermosillo is playing guitar & handling lead vocals, with Briana Jeanne on bass & Crystal on drums, both covering backing vocal duties. Back to the same format that he began in Suckdolls (except there is no vocalist I know on par with Krista). So far, they’ve put out a self released live split 7” with Thee Makeout Party!!, a 7” on Chocolate Covered & a live 10” called In Italy on Bachelor.

Skipper - Cold Pizza 'n' Pop, Chocolate Covered Records, 2009.

Side A -
Hangin' on the Telephone
Just Miles Away

Side B -
You're so Charming
'Til She Comes Around



  1. If you want more incest (OK, that sounds strange), I've got the Hayride! demo. That's Dug on guitars, Bob from Hell on Stilts on drums/vox and me on bass/vox. We cover Rod McKuen...

  2. I always want more incest!
    Let me know where I can get the
    tracks,I'll post them here.

  3. Enjoy!






    Bart did those for us in the Music Building at SJSU, post-House of Faith.


  4. Even more incest...

    MEGA decryption codes
    The Retardos - Don't Want...7inch
    The Retardos - Shame-Come on Back 7inch
    Jett Rink
    Donny Denim - Hey You 7inch
    Nikki Corvette - Love Me 7inch
    The Fevers - Get On Again 7inch
    Sweet Faces - On Top of that Girl 7inch
    Skipper - Cold Pizza 'N' Pop 7inch