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15 April 2013

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bombaj Štampa is an pop-rock band from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina active in period 1982-1992 & 2008 until present. Along with bands Zabranjeno Pušenje & Elvis J. Kurtovich & His Meteors they helped create a new movement known as New Primitivism in Yugoslav.

The group was founded by guitarist Nedim Babović in 1982, but initially never had a stable lineup. Therefore they didn't perform much until in May 1983 when aspiring actor Branko Đurić who sang with SCH joined the band.

Bombaj Štampa was not active from 1992 till 2008. In December 2008, group members reunited for a concert in Sarajevo featuring original guitarist Nedim Babović & new drummer Dragan Bajić along with bassist Ernie Mendillo (of The Brandos). More concerts followed & an album of new material was released in the spring of 2010.

This is their first album from 1987.

On their debut release, Bombaj Štampa are: Branko Đurić – vocals; Nedim Babović – guitar; Nikša Bratoš – keyboards; Neno Jeleč – bass; Miroslav Milošević – percussion; Ademir Volić – drums; Goran Turkalj – baritone, tenor, & alto saxophone; Slobodan Ranđelović – trumpet & flugelhorn; Nebojša Šogorović – trombone; & Aida, Amela, Amila Sulejmanović, Goran Petranović, Goran Čavajda, Ljilja Košpić, Radmila Ćuk, Saša Petrović, & Srđan Gojković – backing vocals.

 Bombaj Štampa - Bombaj Štampa, Diskoton LP-8275, 1987. 
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Side A –
San Letnjeg Dana
Mrak I Ja
Otvorena Pjesma Đorđu
Sally G.

Side B –
Mali Motorin
Često Poželim Da Sve Zaboravim
Večeras Sam Sjajan
Điđi-Miđi (Patetika)


Zabranjeno Pušenje was founded in 1981, in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. The band was originally called Pseudobluz Band. All members were involved in the radio show "Top lista nadrealista", so they already had stage names, hence the pseudo...

The original line-up consisted of: Nenad Janković – vocals & keyboards; Davor Sučić – guitar; Zenit Đozić -drums; Mustafa Čengić – guitar; Mladen Mitić - bass guitar; & Ognjen Gajić – saxophone & flute. They were occasionally accompanied by Mirko Srdić (Elvis J.) as a guest, since he had his own band, Elvis J. Kurtović & his Meteors.

They soon started calling themselves "Pseudobluz band Zabranjeno Pušenje. After some time they simply dropped the pseudo blues part. The first song they recorded, “Penzioneri na more idu zimi”, was made for Radio Sarajevo in early 1981. They performed around Sarajevo for two years before recording their first album Das ist Walter in June 1984 on the Jugoton label.

At this time the line-up was altered. Now Nenad Janković's younger brother Dražen Janković was on organ & Predrag Rakić took over on drums. Although it was publicized that Nenad Janković & Davor Sučić wrote the first album material, the fact is that Mustafa Čengić & Mladen Mitić were unpublished composers of a large portion of it. They also greatly influenced & contributed to all the song arrangements. The album was initially released in a run of 3000 copies, but eventually through re-pressings, more than 100,000 copies were sold. In autumn 1984 they embarked on a 60-concert nation-wide tour. They were one of the biggest Yugoslav rock bands after just one album.

Dok èekaš sabah sa šejtanom is their second studio album released in 1985. Coming on the heels of their initial success, it is a double album. It was recorded at SIM studio, Zagreb.

Jugoton LSY 69047/48, 1985. 
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Side A –
Stanje Šoka
Djevojčice Kojima Miriše Koža
Lutka Sa Naslovne Strane
Dok Čekaš Sabah Sa Šejtanom

Side B –
Dok Jezdiš Ka Alemanji
Ibro Dirka
Ja Imam Kuhinju
Ne Me Quitte Pas
Učini Da Budem Vuk
Baš - Čelik (Prvi Dio)

Side C –
Radost Prvog Žita
Ujka Sam
Nedelja Kada Je Otišao Hase

Side D –
Sanjao Sam Noćas Da Te Imam
Kažu Mi Da Novog Frajera Imaš
Gospođa Brams
Baš - Čelik (Drugi Dio)


During the 1980s Marko Brecelj led an unconventional career of a solo artist. He used to play minimalist one-man show performances, accompanied by guitar or violin, with hilarious poetry recitals & stage acrobatics (burning his hair, singing from a wheelchair...).

In 1985 he assembled a short-lived band (or rather: a project) called Marjanov Čudni Zajec (Marjan's Strange Rabbit). They recorded this minor avant-rock masterpiece under the indicative title "Svinjam diamante" (Diamonds Before Swine). The album practically went unnoticed on the Yugoslav market due to poor distribution and obviously deliberate underground Lo-Fi approach.

Along with Brecelj (described on the album cover as "the former rock star"), his long-time associate singer/songwriter Ivan Volariè Feo is also present. Both are actually credited as ‘guests’ on the album. The other band members were: Leon Ukmar – guitar; Zlatko Basiè – bass; Taljub Lapajne – guitar; Robert Vatovec – keyboards; & Marjan Medvesæak - drums (the Marjanov from the title?).

The music is full of unusual, odd rhythm patterns provided by scratchy guitars, leading bass lines, & occasional synths. Brecelj's voice is funny, exaggerated, aggressive, satirical, mocking, gentle, & cool all from one moment to the next. "Sexi Disco Hit" is one of Brecelj's best songs, in which Zappa meets Talking Heads & Pere Ubu. It is at once a most fervent middle finger in the face of popular dance culture & really seductive, hypnotic, danceable, & funky!

This fine, excellent, funny, serious, obnoxious, ridiculing, mesmerising piece of unconventional rock music ends on another absurd poetry note in the closing 20 seconds "Smrt": "Death is without colour, taste or smell/Death does not have acid-base reaction/Death is an isolator/Death does not show any signs of life."

Marjanov Čudni Zajec - Svinjam diamante, Helidon FLP 05-045, 1985. 
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Side A –
Jen, Dva, Tri
Ali Slišite
Sexi Disco Hit
Midnight (Otroci, Svinje, Oda)
Mamici Za 1. Nov.

Side B –
Stonesi Spoznajo Moje Stare Starše
Drugi Tretji
When I am Dead
Jesenje Haljine
Svuda Ljudi Svuda Zastave
Feovo Srce in 6 Aparatov

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  1. Bombaj Štampa
    Zabranjeno Pušenje
    Marjanov Čudni Zajec

  2. Marjanov Cudni Zajec are from Slovenia.

  3. to anonymous,
    While this is strictly true, Marko Brecelj, whose brain-child it is, was born in Sarajevo. i am going to be post up his band Buldožer when I get to Slovenia, so I thought I'd put this here. Don't feel like changing it now, so they'll have to share. Thanks for the comment however. It keeps me on my toes. I knew this might get called out, but just took my chances.