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20 April 2013

San Marino

 Helia are five young guys from the Republic of San Marino who love screamo, trance music & Italian 90s dance. Helia began in the spring of 2007. Shortly after, they recorded their first 4 track ep Delorean.

They play their own particular style of post-hardcore / trance-core. While most bands playing a similar style seem to be trying to incorporate techno-ish elements into their more hardcore music, Helia sound more like an electronica unit incorporating ‘core’ into their music. It may seem like a small distinction but it has a large effect in their overall sound. There is a great deal of focus on the synths, which at times makes them sound almost atmospheric.

On Shivers, Helia are: Rael – screams & melody; Commo – guitars; Jackie - guitars, synthesizer, & computer programming; Dano – bass & Ricky - drums. Before Shivers was released, Commo & Dano leave the band. They are replaced by Mett – guitar & Ale – bass. In May 2010 Rael left the band. Now Andy is their new vocalist.

 Helia – Shivers, Wynonna Records, 2009.
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Tracklist –

We are the Light
Six Steps Closer
Push It! (feat. Becko [Hopes Die Last])
Breakdown Playground
Str8 to North-East Lights
D.P.M. (Dance Party Massacre)
No Surrender (feat. Xjoshx [To Kill])
In Limbo


Nothing Inside Eyes is a relatively new band, started at the beginning of 2012 because of the dissolution of their old project, Alchemy 2012. After only a few months together they recorded their debut EP called Not Ready Enough to Die. It was recorded at Mono Studio in Milan.

Nothing Inside Eyes is a fast & dirty thrash metal band from the Republic of San Marino. Their music is heavy & brutal. It has an attack filled with old school attitude mixed with the best of modern hardcore. The guitar lines are classic heavy thrash metal riffs. The bass is quite original, with all sorts of crazy attacks. The drumming is aggressive & fast. The vocals are the typical growls that have come to be an integral part of modern hardcore. They have a twisted & unholy feel to them that calls to mind some of the best French black metal.

Nothing Inside Eyes are: Tommaso Verzini – vocals; Andrea Severi  - guitar;  Giuseppe Giardi – bass: & Thomas Righi – drums.

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Tracklist –

Turn the Fucking Stars On
The Day Skies Fall on Earth
Broken Arrows

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