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12 April 2013


Finding musick in strife-ridden Kosovo has been an adventure. Clashes between the Serbs & the Kosovar in border areas still continues. Although Yugoslav authorities like to speak of ‘stabilization’, there is still the wounds of ethnic animosity, religious turmoil, & political problems that are fresh & bleeding. Amidst it all there are some great musicians trying to aide the healing or to soothe away the pain with their art. One of the earliest is…

Gjurmët was formed in 1980 by Migjen Kelmendi – vocals & rhythm guitar. He is the son of the writer & journalist Ramiz Kelmendi. Migjen was deeply inspired by New Wave music that was prevalent in the late 70s & early 80s. The original lineup included: Migjen; Bekim Dyla - lead guitar; Armando Gjini – piano & synthesizer; Tomor Kurshumliu - bass & vocals; & Petrit Riza – drums. and Bekim Dyla. That same year, the band recorded the first New Wave song in Kosovo.

In 1984, the band recorded the material for their debut album, however, it wasn’t until 1985 that the album was released. The reason for the delay of the release was the ‘controversial album cover’ which featured dancers performing the traditional Albanian Eagle Dance, making a shape of a double-headed eagle with their posture. The Communist Party felt the cover was not politically correct.  Eventually, the album was released by Radio Television of Pristina, on compact cassette only. It featured the band photo on the front cover on which Kelmendi is looking at his wrist watch as a comment on the release delay. The album featured a unique blend of New Wave, post-punk & Kosovar folk music. The following year, in 1986, the band disbanded. In 2002, a compilation album LP featuring a collection of material the band had recorded in the course of the 1980s was released.

 GjurmëtGjurmët compact cassette, RTP K 31002, 1985. 
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Side A –
Eja (Te Shkojme Ne Prishtine)
O Moj
Kenga Ime E Pa Kenduar
Nji Grusht Qershi

Side B –
Ne Tren Per Perzeren
Vjet Per Vjet


Genc Salihu is a musician from Prishtina, Kosovo. He has been interested in musick since his early childhood, when he began writing his first songs. He began playing guitar in his first band at the age thirteen. He is also the former vocalist for Cute Babulja. After seven years absence from public performance, he released Kangë e venë, which you can listen to here.

In the seven years hiatus, Genc Salihu was very busy. He just didn’t have the time to commit as fully as he needed to music. He opened the café-bookshop Dit 'e Nat', which since opening has become a cultural institution. His support & promotion of live music there has helped many others to make the first steps toward their music careers.

Working closely with young intelligent musicians & videographers has kept Salihu immersed in the process of creating fresh & poignant artistry. Genc says the new work is about cleansing, internal & external cleansing of our being.

The video for the song “Rrugëve” (Roads), which was directed by Kaltrina Krasniqi took the top prize in the Music Video Fest 2011, an Albanian video competition considered the ultimate  in all the Albanian territories.

Artists collaborating on Kangë E Venë are: Genc Salihu – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, & keyboards; Armend Xhaferi – electric guitar & drums (track 4); Petrit Çeku – classical guitar; Visar Kuçi – bass & contrabass; Fraim Gashi – contrabass; Liburn Jupolli – keyboards; Shpend Ballata – violin; Festim Fanaj – violin; Erlinda Gashi – violin; Dardan Osmanaj – violin; Avni Thaqi – violin; Arsim Mustafa – violin; Yllza Baftiari – viola; Arianit Shehu – viola; Amanta Istrefi – cello; Nesim Maxhuni – drums.

 Genc Salihu ‎– Kangë E Venë, Dit' E Nat' Libra ‎– 002, 2011. 
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Tracklist –
Lufta Asht Bahçe
Krejt Andrrën
Family Portrait (Prej Filmit)
Kangë E Venë
I Dalun M'i Gomar
Ujku Don Mjegull

I have included a few bonus songs with the Genc material;

a live version of “Wish You Were Here” he performed at his Dit 'e Nat' club; &

the song “Shabani” by The Bloody Foreigners featuring Genc
(The Bloody Foreigners are :Fatos Bejta; Fatos Derguti; Ardi Kelmendi [brother of the founder of Gjurmët] & Josef Cook. They are Kosovar living & playing music in the UK who frequently work with fellow Kosovo musicians).


Another prolific musician from Prishtina, Kosovo is Liburn Jupolli. He has been involved in numerous bands & musical projects. He played bass in well-known Kosovo band Madgod. He played keyboards on the previous entry, Kangë E Venë.

Dead Elder Dogs is a musical concept/band formed by Liburn Jupolli in 2011. They play mainly electronic/industrial/ambient styles. They also play some very slow tempo beat music called ‘Vex’ that ranges from 10 to a maximum of 40 bpm. D.E.D. is made up of a revolving cast of musicians depending on the project, either for vocal or instrumental parts or for live gigs. They have recorded various of these projects on the OnePiece label.

Involve in various D.E.D. projects have been: Liburn Jupolli - synths , electronics (laptops, midi controllers, custom built devices) & guitar; Timur Xhabiri - vocals, electronics (laptop, kaoss pad, midi controllers) & theremin; Labinot Kelmendi – vocals;
Morena Kabashi Kokollari – vocals; Adonis Kasneci – guitar; Senad Jamini – guitar; Blerta Kosova- vocals & Almir Fazlievic –Octo – electronics (laptop, midi controllers) & guitar.

This is a sneak-preview of a new concept from D.E.D. These songs in particular are part of a project in 6-parts that will encompass 6 different cds.

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“Invitation to Obscurity” - from the 2nd cd called Slow Manors, Fast Boxing
“Pregnant She-Wolf” - from the 3rd cd called A.W.
“Grigori & the House” - from the 5th cd called Bow Down or Die Trying To
“Haunted Beings of Prypat” - from the 6th cd called Air Raids, Nuclear Times, Good Times



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