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14 April 2013


Baby Kate was formed in 1984, in Beograd, Serbia. This is their one & only album from 1985. I don’t really know anything about this band other than members from Baby Kate have gone on to play in many influential & well known bands, like Partibrejkers, Centar, Rimtuti Tuki, & Ekatarina Velika, to name but a few.

At various times, Baby Kate were: Žika (Srđan Todorović) & Milo – vocals; Sale (Saša Konstadinović) – electric guitar & vocals; Banana (Branislav Petrović), & Anton (Nebojša Antonijević) – electric & acoustic guitar & vocals; Culi (Milivoj Ćulibrk) – electric & acoustic guitar; Toma - guitar; Margita Stefanović – keyboards: Dadi Stojanović – saxophone; Caka – bass & vocals; & Borko Petrović – drums & vocal.

Baby Kate - Gde sreća stanuje (Where Happiness Lies), Baby Kate Records LSD 001, 1985. 
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Side A –
Gde Sreća Stanuje
X, Y
Ako Smeš
Hajde Da Nadjemo
Blues Je Svuda Oko Nas
Magija Je Prestala

Side B –
Ona Je Hladna
Da Si Sada Tu
On Mora Da Pobedi
Kako Je Lako
Hajde, Hajde


dreDDup are an massacre industrial band formed 4th of June 1997 in the small city of Novi Sad, located in the province of Vojvodina, Serbia. The band are pioneers of this sound in Serbia. The original line-up of the band were just two punk guys Mihajlo (Mikka) & Robert. dreDDup was known to experiment with weird sounds & dark wave / industrial music genres. Shortly after their inception, they moved into the more strictly industrial vein.

They DIY produced their first demo BDTP in late 1997. Their first demo album Abnormal Waltz, late 1998, was originally the soundtrack for the movie “Noir” that never came to fruition. dreDDup self-released 100 copies of the demo to friends & fans. During the late 90s dreDDup were part of what was known as the post-Vivisect industrial / noise movement. As part of that scene, they attracted the attention of net-label Amduscias Records in USA. Amduscias finally officially released Abnormal Waltz in 2002 (it was re-released in 2007 on Dadaist Audio from Netherlands).

miKKa says this about Abnormal Waltz: “This album is very atmospheric in a way that it shows the sickness of mixing weird sounds and echoes of rough drums. It is very apocalyptic and depressive.”

“However, even though it had the production limits of the time, it sounds really well when we listen to it today. Don't forget that we live in Serbia, a militant country that doesn't give a fuck for the art or the underground scene. I'm sorry to say that we are the only live industrial band in the whole country and we are very, very lonely in our music here. So listen to this LP carefully, at moments it will be boring, at moments it will be sick, at moments it will be catchy, and sometimes it will be amazing. This LP is from our old sound.”

They have released five studio albums worldwide. New members joined the original duo & their sound changed from album to album finally settling on their current style, massacre industrial (industrial/crossover), of which they are the main purveyors. Their performances are characterized as energetic, dangerous & filled with theater-like presentations. Their music is characterized by dark, truthful lyrics with great attention to atmospheric detail, exploring the dark sides of the human mind & the distorted production of industrial music.

Former members: Robert - co-founder; Erich – guitar; Giaccometti – guitar; Malter – bass; & Sergio – drums. Current line-up: miKKa (Mihajlo Obrenov) – co-founder, vocals & electronics; frAntz – drums; xxXandra (Aleksandra Vukošić) – bass; Armageddon – guitar; & GPS – backing vocals.

 dreDDup - Abnormal Waltz, Amduscias Records AMR047, 2002. 
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Tracklist –
Stop Rew Play           
Space Error    
Hatred Will Destroy You
No Hands Man          
Do U Record Dreams Good  
Mr. Fooz & His Piggy Style  
Flesh Eater
Sexual Abusement of a Robot Woman         
Sleeping by the Blood Sea     
40 Times         
Original Life  
Life Is...
Forgivness is Necessery         
Leprechaun Way        
Sweet Sixteen            
Forest is Dangerous at Night
Plastix Groundz Returned
A Girl with the...        
Hellraiser (1997 Mix)

This Amduscias Records release has six extra tracks that were not on the original 100 copies of the original demo.


Alexander Blu is the kind of musician that I really admire. He makes music for the sheer joy of it & shares that joyousness with others. I first discovered Alexander on Jamendo when I was researching musick for this project when we originally imagined it several years ago. I downloaded his FREE!!! musick, an album entitled May, which last time I checked had more than a million hits & over 60,000 downloads.
It probably is still my favorite, although I have not had a chance to give his other offering equal time as of yet, but I felt I would post up a different release. The other one that I’m especially partial to is Moderato. It was made in the period between 1998 - 2000. All the songs are instrumental except for “Flying” & “Jesenja jutra” which have guest vocalist Goran Vasovic, a talented singer of a very well known Serbian band Eva Braun.

You can visit Alexander’s website & download any of his other great works, all free for you listening pleasure. You can also learn more about Alexsander.

Briefly, he was born in Novi Sad, Serbia in 1966. He has been interested in music since an early age. He composed his first tunes at age 10. He has been trained in piano. During the 80s he played in different rock bands. In the 90s he first started doing studio & production work. He works out of his own studio that he started with a friend. In the years since, he has recorded, mixed or produced about 100 records, mostly of the pop/rock or electro genre.

 Alexander Blu – Moderato, self-recorded & released, 2001.
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Tracks –
Jan Song
Slow mind
Electro blues
(I am) Flying
Jesenja jutra (Fall Mornings)


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