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01 April 2013


Квітень дурнів

Among the many enchanting places which deservedly attract foreign visitors with a love for picturesque ceremony & colorful folklore, there is one small country which, although relatively unknown, surpasses many others in interest. Isolated until modern times because of its inaccessible position, this country is now served by a regular air-line network, which brings it within reach of all who love unspoiled beauty, the proverbial hospitality of a peasant people, & the charm of medieval customs which still survive despite the march of progress.

Valkenvania ia a small country in Eastern Europe, compromising two great valleys; those of the river Vladir, & its tributary, the Moltus. The rivers meet at Klow, the capital (122,000 inhabitants). These valleys are flanked by wide plateaux covered with forests, & are surrounded by high, snow-capped mountains.

Because of its isolation until very recent time, there is only one band I could find from Valkenvania that had released anything available to the rest of the world.

That band is грязный два взуття (Filthy Duoa Pantofi). The band was formed in 1997 when Елвін епископ (Alvin Episcopul) heard his first cd. He became hooked on рок і обертати (pok 'n' pole). He got together with the only friends he knew who had electricity & they formed грязный два взуття. In a few months they had written enough material for this demo.

decryption code in comments 

Track 1 –

Valkenvania Suite

Track 2 -
Strange Music
I’m not a Juvenile Delinquent

Track 3 –
Valkenvanian Valkerie

Track 4 –



  1. Filthy Duoa Pantofi

  2. I love the music of this once great nation

  3. to MKV,
    Valkenvania for the Valkens!!!
    Down with the crushing of innocence.
    April Fools!