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30 October 2013


New links & decryption codes for Prince Far-I Chapter 1 & Prince Jammy - see comments.

Jamaica is home to so many styles of music: earliest Jamaican folk music, calypso, mento, reggae, ska, dancehall…too many to represent here, or even name them all. Everyone familiar with this Zero, & I don’t mean Earl, knows that 'the style that makes me smile' is DUBwise!!! Of course, to me, there is no greater dub than that of the King himself, King Tubby. “Tubby’s makes you wiser/Tubby are the Dub Organiser”. The only dilemma with King Tubby (as well as with the Prince – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry) is not whether but what.

I have many many releases by the King, so if you don’t like what I’ve chosen or want something else, just leave a comment & request. I’ll see what I can do. But for now, I’ve picked one that I never tire of, King Tubby & Friends – Dub Gone Crazy: The Evolution of Dub at King Tubby’s 1975-1979.

King Tubby & Friends – Dub Gone Crazy, Blood & Fire BAFLP 002, 1994.
all decryption codes in comments

Side A –
The Champion Version
Satta Dread Dub
Real Gone Crazy Dub
Exalted Dub
Dreada Version
No Love Version

Side B –
Peace & Love in the Dub
Wreck Up a Version
Jah Love Rockers
Step It Up in Dub
Dub to the Rescue
Dub Fi Gwan

plus two bonus tracks from the 2xLP re-release SVLP 249 –
Hold Them in Dub
Dub with a View


Aston ‘Family Man’ Barrett – Family Man in Dub, Heartbeat Records HB 7659, 1999.

Tracklist –
Cobra Style Dub 1970s
Steppers Rock
Familyman Skank
Rebel Am I
E.T. Special
Pleasing Dub
Dubbing Naturally
Dub Combination
Pickney Dub
A Distant Dub
Tribute to Y Mas Gan
Elegant Dub
Iron Rock
Dub Maker


Prince Jammy – Destroys the Invaders, Greensleeves Records GREL 29, 1982.

Side One –
Conspiracy on Neptune
Martian Encounter
Saturn Bombardment
Attack on Ganymede

Side Two –
War in the Asteroid Belt
The Great Red Spot
Life on Uranus
Final Destruction


Rocky One RGLP 0020, 1995.

Side A-Big Youth –
A So We Stay
George Foreman
Enjoy Yourself
George Foreman Pt. 2
Joe Frazier

Side B-Dillinger –
War is Over
Flour Dumplin
Hold Me Tight
Take a Dip
Bellevue Patient


I would be really slacking off here if I didn’t post up some music by Earl Zero. Singer/songwriter Earl "Zero" Johnson played a crucial role in the roots age, releasing powerful cultural numbers whose dramatic lyrics were often combined with tough militant backings from the Soul Syndicate band. He created some of the most deeply conscious roots music to come out of Kingston in the mid-to-late 70s. When I saw Earl Zero in 1979, it was Satori in Berkeley. It wasn’t long after that that I had my name changed to Nothin’ in homage to that moment. Don’t really have a dub album by Earl, but on his 2010 release And God Said to Man half the tunes are dub, so if you want it all go buy it. I’m dubbin’ here. This was recorded in Spain by Roberto Sanchez for his A-Lone Production at A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio which he set up in 2002 with analog recording & mixes to focus on the late 70s sound of Jamaica. His studio (& now live performance) band Lone Ark Riddim Force have backed artists such as The Heptones & Big Youth. All live instrumentation here is provided by Lone Ark Riddim Forces creating a Channel One feel & style.

from  Earl Zero – And God Said to Man, A-Lone Productions ARKLP-001, 2010.

This Side –
A2 – Musical Army Dub
A4 – Wake Up Dub
A6 – New Dub

That Side –
B2 – Judgement Dub
B4 – Thankful Dub
B6 – Jericho Dub


Sly & Robbie – Meet Bunny Lee at Dub Station, Jamaican Recordings JRLP006, 2002.

Side 1 –
Dub Takeover
Nobodies Dub
A Dub Tribulation
Liquidator Dub
African Dub Child (Part 1)
None Shall Escape the House of Dub

Side 2 –
Legalise the Dub
Satta Massa Dub
A Bad Way to Dub
Dub to the Roots
Zion Gates of Dub
Looking in the Eyes of Dub

Plus two bonus tracks from the CD
African Dub Child (Part 2)
Moving Out of Dubland


Culture – Rare & Unreleased Dub, Revolver Records REVCD 258, 1989.

Tracklist –
Disobedient Children Dub 1977-78
Forward to Africa Dub
Everyday Love Dub
Skillful Dub
Iron Sharp Dub
Tropical Dub Fever
Heavenly Dub
Harder than the Rest Dub
Freedom Jam Dub
Deep Root Dub
Two Sevens Clash Dub


Tracklist –
A Message
The Visitor
The Right Way
Long Life
The Encounter
Ghardaia Dub
Mansions of the Almighty
Prince of Peace

Prince Far I – Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 2, Front Line Records FLX 4002, 1979.

Side One –
Suru-Lere Dub
Anambra Dub
Kaduna Dub
Oyo Dub
Borno Dub

Side Two –
Ogun Dub
Bendel Dub
Ondo Dub
Gongola Dub

note of confusion: The above album, Chapter 2 was re-released as Dubwise with seven additional tracks. However, the order of the songs was changed, alternate versions of several of the songs were used, & several of the songs were incorrectly labeled. I therefore posted the original vinyl release in the original track order. I have included Side One & Two Virgin Frontline song lists from the original disc with the scans. These labels are from the very first UK press. It had mis-labelled stampers & the sides are reversed. Side One is really Side Two & vice versa. I have left the songs in the order they are labeled, so you can disregard the error or switch them if you want the true order. Have I confused you yet?

Prince Far I – Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 3, Pressure Sounds PS CD007, 1996.

Tracklist –
Plant Up
Back Weh
The Conquest
Final Chapter
Shake the Nation
Homeward Bound
Low Gravity
Mansions of Invention


Barrington Levy – In Dub (The Lost Mixes from King Tubby’s Studio)
Auralux Recordings LUXXLP 015, 2005.

Side A –
Shaolin Temple Dub 1979-82
Wedding Ring Dub
Shine Eye Girl Dub
Reggae Music Dub
Black Heart Man Dub

Side B –
Looking for My Love Dub
Trod with Jah Dub
A Yah We Deh Dub
Why Did You Leave Me Dub
Skylarking Dub


Tapper Zukie – In Dub, Stars SR 1000, 1977.

Side 1 –
Tappa Zukie in Dub
Pick up the Dub
Dub M.P.L.A.
Beautiful Dub
Prophesy Dub
Falling Dub

Side 2 –
Rush I Some Dub
Cool This Dub
Jah Jah Dub
Judgement Dub
Loving Dub
Rub This Dub


Burning Spear – Living Dub Volume 1, Burning Spear TG 5184, 1979.

Side One –
Children of Today
Jah Boto

Side Two –
In Those Days
Irie Niya Keith
Help Us
All Over


People always are saying, “Go big or go home”. Well, I’m gonna go big, then go home.I'm takin' off a few days, so see y'all in Panama, don't forget to wear yer hats.

Here is Lee 'Scratch’ Perry’s three disc epic Arkology for your dub pleasure.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – Arkology 3xCD, Island Jamaica CRNCD 6, 1997.

Dub Revolution (pt. 1) (previously unreleased alternate take) – Lee Perry & The Upsetters
One Step Forward – Max Romeo
One Step Dub (extended mix) – The Upsetters
Vampire – Devon Irons
Vamp a Dub – The Upsetters
Sufferer’s Time (previously unreleased alternate take) – The Heptones
Sufferer’s Dub (extended mix) – The Upsetters
Sufferer’s Heights (alternate mix) – Junior Dread
Don’t Blame on I – The Congoes
Much Smarter – The Meditations
Much Smarter Dub – The Upsetters
Life is not Easy (alternate take) - The Meditations
Life is not Easy Dub (previously unreleased alternate mix) – The Upsetters
Tedious (extended mix) – Junior Murvin
War ina Babylon – Max Romeo
Revelation Dub – The Upsetters
Mr. President – The Heptones & Jah Lion
Chase the Devil – Max Romeo

Dreadlocks in Moonlight – Lee Perry
Dread at the Mantrols – Mikey Dread
In These Times – Errol Walker
In These Times Dub – The Upsetters
Norman (extended Domino mix) – Max Romeo & the Upsetters
Police & Thieves – Junior Murvin
Magic Touch – Glen DaCosta
Soldier & Police War – Jah Lion
Grumblin’ Dub – The Upsetters
Bad Weed (previously unreleased alternate take) – Junior Murvin
John Public – Errol Walkjer
John Public (version) – Errol Walker & Enos Barnes
Roots Train (extended mix with previously unreleased toast) – Junior Murvin & Dillinger
No Peace – The Meditations
No Peace Dub – The Upsetters
Rasta Train (previously unreleased alternate mix) – Raphael Green & Dr. Alimantado
Party Time (pt. 2) – The Upsetters

Vibrate On (previously unreleasaed alternate cut) Augustus Pablo meets The Upsetters
Vibrator (previously unreleased alternate cut) – The Upsetters
Bird in Hand – The Upsetters
Congoman (previously unreleased alternate vocal take) – The Congoes
Dyon Anasawa (alternate mix) – The Upsetters featuring Full Experience
Rastaman Shuffle (previously unreleased alternate mix) – The Upsetters
Why Must I (version)(extended mix with previously unreleased scat vocal) – The Heptones & Lee Perry
Make Up Your Mind – The Heptones
Closer Together – The Upsetters Revue featuring Junior Murvin
Groovy Situation – Keith Rowe
Groovy Dub – The Upsetters & keith Rowe
To Be a Lover (Have Some Mercy) – George Faith
Soul Fire – Lee Perry
Curly Locks – Lee Perry
Feast of the Passover (extended mix) – The Congoes
Roast Fish & Cornbread (extended mix) – Lee Perry
Corn Fish Dub (extended mix) – The Upsetters

I re-uploaded this Reel III on request from POL-PAT. New code in comments. 01/15/2014.



ps. - Seems I forgot this when I was dancin' to de Dub.

Ubiquity Records UR 2323, 2009.

Side I'n'I -
Riff Raff Rollin'
Lord Kenji

Side Dubspliff -
Gourds of the Desert
Turtle Rock

Happy Halloween, kiddies. Don't eat any razor blades.


  1. Hello

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    1. Here is the latest decryption code list:

      King Tubby
      Family Man
      Prince Jammy
      Big Youth & Dillinger
      Earl Zero
      Sly & Robbie
      Prince Far-I Chapter 1
      Chapter 2
      Chapter 3
      Barrington Levy
      Tapper Zukie
      Burning Spear
      Lee 'Scratch' Perry Reel I
      Reel II
      Reel III
      Clutchy Hopkins

  2. Hi

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    1. The long list in the first comment is all the decryption codes for all the files. Just cut & paste where prompted.

      The decryption code for Culture is:

      I added Clutchy Hopkins after so that decryption code is in the next reply.

      Pol Pat commented that there was an error on Lee Perry Reel III so I re-upped it & added the new decryption code (above).

      That's about the same pattern for all postings. Single tracks just need the link - albums have the decryption code in the comments of that post.

  3. Hi, many thanks for all your shares and your good vibes. I found some dead links here:
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    1. Thanks for reporting the dead links. They are re-upped & the codes are in the new list. Enjoy.

  4. Culture – Rare & Unreleased Dub

    1. I don't know what this comment means. I checked the decryption code & link, it was working fine, so ??? If you're having problems with MEGA, check the April 1, 2015 MEGA MESS post & comments for remedies. Thanks.

  5. Just a massive thank you for taking time to share all these. Big respect... the fidelity etc is excellent. Cheers.

  6. howdy...where can i get more of this good music? my email address is -mkuwodza@yahoo.co.uk
    or advise of any other site ..thanks for the vibes.

    1. As a huge fan of Dub, I have posted vast quantities of great Jamaican & Jamaican influenced music. On-U Sound, Wackies, etc. but you'll have to search, as my blog titles are kinda random.

      One place I get a lot of great JA music is rootsstone1.blogspot.com, good place to start.

  7. This is one of my favorite blogs keep up the good work thanks.

  8. Give thanks for the music you have introduced me to... i'm a big reggae fan and some of these dub albums i've never heard. Big up