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03 October 2013

Adiós con el amor Sudamérica...Roca encendido!

I’ve finished up with South America, & for me it has been great fun. Although my favorite bands are The Clash, Muslimgauze, The Legendary Pink Dots, Zoviet France, & then about a million others (so it seems), I do really enjoy the various takes on 60s & 70s psych-rock. The influence of the U.S. & British bands of that era was so all pervasive to the radically changing times that it affected many people in many countries in many different ways. I love listening to the various takes on the psychedelic sound through the filters of cultural & ethnic variables. The desert blues & Zamrock, the Kinshasa sound endeared me to Africa as much as the native & traditional music. The rockin’ styles of Southeast Asia & now South America contrast fabulously with the native sounds, showing the importance of both. Rather than viewing Western music as a corruption of ethnic sounds, I embrace the global ability of musicians to blend the music that they grew up loving with the newest sounds they discovered while searching for the perfect chord. I suppose that I wax poetic here as I gradually approach the end of what has been an exhilarating journey for myself. I thank all of you for the indulgence of allowing me to fly off on this crazy tangent. But, enough…on with the music.

The four temperaments are a proto-psychological interpretation of the ancient medical concept of humorism or the makeup & workings of the human body. The temperaments are sanguine (pleasure-seeking & sociable), choleric (ambitious & leader-like), melancholic (analytical & thoughtful), & phlegmatic (relaxed & quiet). The name took inspiration from David Ponce, who in his book Sound Test labeled these groups Colericos. They were the bands that played the sounds of a wilder, more stripped down Rock’n’Roll less inspired by the rockers of the 50s, more inspired by the British wave of the 60s.

According to that four temperaments theory, this is a compilation of ambitious & leader-like bands of the 60s. The spread of rock, garage rock more specifically, born from the influence of the British movement consisted of transplanting the British wave to the rest of the world. This is a mixture of bands from across the South American continent (& a few other places of a similar age & style) with one main element in common. This compilation is basically built on speed. One, Two, Three, Go!!!

Various – Colericos!!, Garagelatino, 2009.
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Tracklist –

Los Iracundos - Ven que estoy hirviendo (Uruguay)
Los Jockers - Yo te Quiero (Chile)
The Bells - Don`t bother me (Brasil)
Los Terribles - Break it at all (Brasil - Uruguay)
Los Mockers - Paint in black (Uruguay)
Los Shakes - Amame dos veces (Méjico)
Roberto Carlos - Nací para sufrir (Brasil)
Los Ovnis - Voy para loco (Méjico)
Los Yorks - El loco (Perú)
Sandro y Los de Fuego - Atmósfera pesada (Argentina)
Los Blue`s Men - El día que el mundo me fritó el cerebro (Argentina)
Los Estudiantes - Milkcow Blues (España)
Los Rocking Devils - Israelita (Méjico)
Los Sleepers - Ella tiene magia (Méjico)
Los Flippers - Don`t mice matters (Colombia)
Los Tomcats - Bájate de mi nube (España)
Los Bulldogs - Llevame dentro de tus ojos (Uruguay)
Los Knacks - Me siento mal y deprimido (Argentina)
Os Bubbles - No me voy a cortar el cabello (Brasil)
Os Jet Black`s - Caperucita roja (Brasil)
Los Yorks - El sicodélico (Perú)
Wanderlea - You lhe contar (Brasil)
Bruno Lomas y sus Rockeros - Una noche de verano (España)
Carlos Bisso y Su Conexión Nº5 - En el verano (Argentina)
Los Brincos - Nadie te quiere ya (España)
Los Bestias - Every where i run (Argentina)

Enjoy & see you in Aruba,


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  2. wild stuff on these islands
    the link i included for the blog listentoyourears on my last post
    has great overlap with this stuff http://listentoyourears.blogspot.com/search/label/roots?updated-max=2010-05-09T18:08:00%2B02:00&max-results=20&start=60&by-date=false