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21 October 2013

British Virgin Islands

Jon Lucien (Lucien ‘Billy’ Harrigan) was born January 8, 1942 on the island of Tortola, the main island of the British Virgin Islands. By the young age of 16 he played with a group called the Marty Clarke Trio, He was a vocalist & multi-instrumentalist. Lucien is best known for his song “Rashida”, the title track of an album released in 1973, one of two Grammy winning songs on that album (the other was “Lady Love”). He was also well known for his cover of "Dindi" by Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim. His smooth baritone drew comparisons with Nat King Cole & Lou Rawls. Jon Lucien died on the morning of August 18, 2007 of respiratory failure.

His RCA album, I Am Now (1970), launched a recording career that won him a loyal following, although his hard-to-categorize style never led to breakout success. Though most generally classified as smooth jazz or quiet storm, Lucien called his style a fusion of jazz, rhythm & blues, Caribbean, & Brazilian sounds. He was really more a performer of sweet soul music.

On Mind’s Eye the musicians are: Jon Lucien – songwriter, vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, & percussion; Billy Butler & John Tropea – guitar; Mitch Kerper – electric piano; David Grusin – piano & percussion; Garnett Brown – trombone; Marvin Stamm – trumpet; Lew del Gatto & Bobby Keller – woodwinds; Cameron Brown – bass; Jorge Fatturoso & Ralph MacDonald – percussion; Steve Thorton – congas; & Richard Harrigan – drums; with Albertine Robinson, Christine Spencer; Maeretha Stewart; & Marti McCall – backing vocals.

Jon Lucien – Mind’s Eye, RCA APL1-0493, 1974.
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Side 1 –

A Sunny Day
A Prayer for Peace
So Little Time
Listen Love

Side 2 –

The Pleasure of Your Garden
World of Joy
The Ghetto Song
Soul Chant
When the Morning Comes


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