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07 October 2013

Trinidad & Tobago

At the bottom of this post, in the post script,  mentioned that the song "Heaven Prelude" (B4) was too messed up to record properly & I included another Michael Boothman song. At the time I asked if anyone had the mp3 of the final track. My good friend Dan Foster recently sent me the track & I have added it to a new .zip file with the song "What You Won't Do for Love" as a bonus track. Thanks Dan!

Wow, this far around the globe & the first time I’ve posted any quiet storm, or smooth jazz as they say. Well, here ya go, trying to cover most all bases (just no country/western).

Michael Boothman is a musician, songwriter, producer, band leader, & recording artist, with over 45 years in the business. A multi-instrumentalist (primarily a guitarist & bassist) with a repertoire that spans a wide musical genre embracing jazz, funk, blues, Latin, samba, reggae, zouk, calypso, & soca (the last two being particularly indigenous to Trinidad & Tobago).

Michael was born to a family of artists & entertainers. His brother David who plays organ has played with him on his releases & in bands, namely the Boothman Brothers-led Kysofusion. Michael has toured many times, appearing on both sides of the Atlantic with many of the greats in music. He is always in demand at jazz festivals around the Caribbean region. His band fuses the sound of jazz & steelpan or steeldrum creating a unique style in Caribbean Jazz fusion.

Heaven is Michael Boothman’s first release in the United States. The sounds recorded here combine the music of the world in 77 with the soft laid back rhythms of an island heaven. His music has been labeled the Trinidad Experience.

On Heaven, the musicians are: Michael Boothman – guitar: David Boothman – organ; Sunny Burke – piano on “Greasy”; L. Leon Pendarvis – keyboards; Dennis Morouse, Frank Wess, & Seldon Powell – saxophones; Jon Faddis, Marvin Stamm, & Victor Paz – trumpet; David Taylor & Paul Faulise – trombone; Frank Wess, Harold Bennett, & Harold Jones – flutes; Charles Libove, Gene Orloff, Harry Lookofsky, & Marvin Morgenstern – violins; Alfred V. Brown & Selwart Clarke – viola; Kermit Moore – cello; David ‘Happy’ Williams – bass; Errol ‘Crusher’ Bennett – congas & percussion; & Chris Parker & Michael ‘Megi’ Clarke (on “Greasy” & “Diego Shuffle”) – drums; with Edna Holt, Lani Groves, Lou Courtney, & Priscilla Baskerville on backing vocals.

 Michael Boothman – Heaven, Tabu Records BQL1-1996, 1977. 
decryption code in comments

Side A -

Say it with Music
Song for My Soul

Side B -

Scorpio Stew
Maya Mosquito
Diego Shuffle
Heaven Prelude

ps. On my record, the last track on side B is messed up so I substituted it with a 10+ minute version of “What You Won’t Do for Love” with brother David on synthesizers & Charmaine Forde on heavenly vocals. It is such a phenomenal version of the Alfons Kettner penned tune sung first by Bobby Caldwell in 1978. Hope you all can dig it & if anyone has an mp3 of “Heaven Prelude”, how about sharing. Then I’ll fix this up & still leave the bonus track. (Fixed)


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