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05 October 2013


Padú del Caribe or Father of the Caribbean (born Juan Chabaya Lampe on April 26, 1920) is an Aruban musician & songwriter who has been recording & composing for more than half a century.

He wrote "Aruba Dushi Tera", a waltz that is now the national anthem for Aruba. It was a rallying cry for separation from the Netherlands Antilles until independence was achieved in 1986. Lampe has been given the highest honors in Aruba. He is still going strong at 93 years of age. He is a composer, singer, pianist, artist, & author…a true Renaissance man.

On Toy Contendo, the musicians are: Padú del Caribe – piano; Miguel Acosta – cuatro (a small ukulele- size four stringed guitar); José Velázquez – double or upright bass; & Jacobo Espinoza – percussion.

Padú Del Caribe – Toy Contento Vol. 2, RCA Victor LPV-7076, 1961.
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Lado A –

Toy Contento
El Libertador
Shon Feleci
Luna de Maracaibo
Los Monos
Querida Venezuela

Lado B –

Moliendo Café
Adios a Ocumare
Boca de Tiburón
Sombra en los Médanos
Tienda Noba

Padú del Caribe – Su Piano y Ritmo, Velvet LPV 1241, 1966.

Cara A –

La Resbalosa
Nuestro Amor
En la Tienda
Feliz Año

Cara B –

Tumba Caliente
Mis Quince Primaveras
Brisas del Zulia
El Flaco
Muchacha Bonita


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