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10 October 2013

St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Carnival is a huge event throughout the Caribbean. 

Stemming from their African roots, borrowed from European tradition, & mixed with Caribbean local folk lore, Carnival in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines has grown to be the nation’s premiere national cultural festival. In St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Carnival is known as Vincy Mas. It celebrates the talent, artistry, & craft as displayed by Vincy Panists, Calypsonians, & Masqueraders.  The general populace as a whole join in celebrating the success of these Cultural artisans.

From 1984 until the late 90s, one band ruled the Soca sound of Vincy Mas. That band was Touch. After having been disbanded for some fifteen years, they regrouped for this July’s Vincy Mas 2013. The entire Islands’ population was thrilled.

Godfrey Dublin, Ifil Shorte, & Gideon James create vocal magic with their sweet soca sound. Lyrically, musically, & vocally, no band can touch Touch. Other members of Touch are: Bryan “Paper” Alexander; Willis Williams; Godfrey “Cherry” Ince; Lennox “Dinks” Johnson; Colin King; Maxwell “Chalis” Porter; Lance Neverson; Julius “Jules” Williams; & Cleve Scott.

Here is a compilation of some of their great tunes.

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Tracklist –

Get Up & Party
Pum Pum Shorts
Mind Yo Picknee
Move Yo Front
Ah Love Me Wife Bad
Sexy & Irie
Back Off


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