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Slinging tuneage like some fried or otherwise soused short-order cook

02 October 2013


W.C. commonly refers to a water closet or flush toilet or to the room containing a flush toilet. A flush toilet may be euphemistically called a lavatory, a bog - U.K., a pot - U.S., a loo, a john, a water closet (abbreviated "W.C."), or simply 'toilet'.

Ladies W.C. (Baño de Señoritas) recorded this self-titled album. I don’t know how they decided on this name, but the album opens with the cool sound of a toilet flushing.

This may be the most innovative 60s record made in Venezuela. A full blast of fuzz & wah-wah assault with backwards noise, screaming baby sounds used as a solo instrument, tons of effects, with English vocals…a real masterpiece.

Maybe this piece of psychedelic art deserves to be known as the most important record made in South America in 1968. Stephen Scott (a Venezuelan-born American) – vocals, bass, & harmonica & Mario Seijas – drums & percussion from the band Homer & The Don'ts, along with Mario’s brother Jaime – vocals, rhythm guitar, & organ & Adib Casta – vocals, lead guitar, & organ from the band Los Claneras came together to create this album for the Souvenier label. Casta did the artwork for the album cover. He died in 2003. He was a well known painter. Below is an example of his work.

They recorded this one album, became quite popular, playing regularly to large crowds, & then faded into obscurity.

Ladies W.C. – Ladies W.C., Souvenir SLP 13-50, 1969.
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Lado A –

I Can't See Straight
To Walk on Water
Heaven's Coming Up
And Everywhere I See the Shadow of That Life

Lado B –

Searching for a Meeting Place
Put That in Your Pipe & Smoke It
The Time of Hope is Gone
W.C. Blues
I'm Gonna Be


Aérea Negrot (born Danielle Gallegos) was born in 1980 in La Guaira on the Venezuelan coast, a city with the most important airport in Venezuela. As a child, her grandfather would take her to the airport every Sunday to watch the planes take flight. The word Aerea that she chose for her stage name is an adjective relating to sky & air, things that travel by airmail, suitcases, airlines, winged being…all the things she came to love as a child. Paradoxically, Aérea began singing as a survival mechanism while living on the streets after being put out of their home by a flight attendant ex-lover.

Aérea Negrot is a complex & colorful artistic soul who has found her distinctive voice in the expression of her music. In the production of her music Aerea continues in her search to find self in flight.

Beside her solo work, since 2008 Aérea has been part of the band Hercules & Love Affair. Her music spans a world of pop, electronic, house, dance, & disco.

Aérea Negrot – All I Wanna Do 12” EP, BPitch Control BPC222, 2010.

Side A –
All I Wanna Do

Side B –
All I Wanna Do (Efdemin remix)
Hair (Tobias remix)

Aérea Negrot – It’s Lover, Love Remixes, BPitch Control BPC239, 2011.

Side A –
Miss You (Ricardo Villalobos remix)

Side B –
It’s Lover, Love (Philip Bader remix)
It’s Lover, Love (Kiki ‘Emotional Game’ remix)

Bonus tracks –
It’s Lover, Love (Dub version)
It’s Lover, Love (Kiki ‘Instrumental Game’ remix)
It’s Lover, Love (original mix)
It’s Lover, Love (Dance Disorder remix)


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