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20 October 2013


Jahmings Maccow was born in Crocus Hill overlooking Crocus Bay on the quiet island of Anguilla. He was influenced from infancy by music coming from the Mississippi Delta & his native Caribbean. Jahmings started singing & playing the harmonica at the age of 5 with a choral group at school in St. Kitts. At the age of 8 he built a steel drum that he tuned himself with excellent results. By the time he was nine everyone in Anguilla was talking about him as one of the best singers & poets in school. Maccow became the leader of the Public Works Steel Band at 12. He became the keyboardist of the band The Flames from St. Thomas a year later.

During the 80s he played guitar & sang with the reggae band Catch-A-Fire. In the 90s, he branched out to become more of a rhythm & blues, rock guitarist, a sound that he infused into his new reggae project, The Enforcers. The Enforcers (featuring Jahmings Maccow released a three-song mini-CD.

The Enforcers were: Jahmings Maccow – vocals & guitar; Conrad – guitar; Rudy Obidali – keyboards; Terry – bass: & Buckey - drums.

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Tracklist –

Shanty Town Rock
She’s Gone

As the years have passed, Jahmings’ songwriting has become more polished & more deeply personal. He tells life stories, spins insightful yarns, & asks the big questions of the type typically reserved for the inner workings of the brain. From the musical pulpit he preaches peace & love. He is one of the true voices of a dying generation of reggae music.

I is a stripped down, back to basics album that makes the word simple a good thing again. In mainstream music today, everything has to be over the top, over-produced; too many effects but not enough heart. It’s refreshing to hear simple, beautiful music; guitar, vocals, keyboard, drums. The three songs from The Enforcers appear here in new versions. I’ve also added two bonus tracks.

The musicians on I are: Jahmings Maccow – vocals, lead, & rhythm guitar; JR – guitar; Jacob Dayda – keyboards; Tafari – bass; & Carlos – drums, with Princess & July – backing vocals.

Jahmings Maccow – I, Letmegoo Records, 2010.

Tracklist –

Horizon Train
Passing Through
Set Me Free
How Ya Gwaan Crucify
Free the Pain
Man Redemption
Let Dem Grow
Boys & Girls
Put You Down
Cry for Tomorrow
Shanty Town Rock
She’s Gone

bonus tracks –

New Way part II



  1. ShantyTown Rock

  2. I have a good friend from Anguilla. I was wondering if you would find anything to put here. Not much of a recording scene there. Her mother did have a local artist write a song about her (Nurse Franklin) that was a local hit, or so we hear. Never been able to find a recording of it. Thanks for this. Looking forward to listening.