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23 October 2013

Puerto Rico

Raphy Leavitt (born September 17, 1948) is a Puerto Rican composer & founder of the salsa orchestra La Selecta.

Jíbaro Soy is some of Leavitt’s finest writing. It features strong Puerto Rican 70s salsa while also using the national folk music known as decima.

The song “La Cuna Blanca” is a shining example of Leavitt’s fantastic compositional skills. The song is based on a tragic incident in Leaviitt & La Selecta’s lives. On their way to a dance in Connecticut in 1971, the band's van had an accident, killing trumpet player Luis Maisonet & severely injuring Leavitt. Leavitt sustained several fractures to his ribs, vertebrae, & his hip (he has walked with a severe limp ever since). He was placed in intensive care. As he recovered from a comatose state, he had a persistent vision of an empty white crib, from which baby cries could be heard. Somehow he associated the vision with his trumpet player, unaware that he had died in the accident. Maisonet was reportedly dressed in black, & was telling Leavitt, “Raphy, I'll help you from here”. When fellow band members mustered the will to tell Leavitt about the Maisonet's death, Leavitt claimed that he already knew about it.

After seven months of recovery, Leavitt & his band recorded the tribute song, with Leavitt writing dramatic lyrics interpreted by Sammy Marrero, arranged to an upbeat, heavily contrasting cha-cha beat. The bittersweet feeling evoked by the song has made it a popular farewell song at Puerto Rican funerals. Marrero's daughter's death from a stray bullet at a reggaeton club in 2005 brought the song back to light in the collective Puerto Rican conscience, as Marrero sang it in a tribute concert by La Selecta the day immediately after her death.

“En Memoria de un Hermano” (with the uncredited help of Ismael Miranda, of The Fania All Stars fame) was another Maisonet eulogy in this enduring & highly requested recording that has remained one of their most in-demand efforts.

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Side A –
Jibaro Soy
Perdoname Cariño
Cafe Colao
Señorita Tentacion
Side B –
La Cuna Blanca
Ecos de Danzon
En Memoria a un Hermano


Negros Vivos are from Cabo Rojo/Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. They were formed in 2000 by several members of one of the most important Puerto Rico ska, Los Pies Negros broke up. After Los Pies Negros disbanded, Juan ‘Paíto’ Rivera , Alexis Matos, & Willy ‘Black’ decide to re-group under the name of Negros Vivos.

In 2001 Negros Vivos released their first album titled Viviendo en Otro Lugar. This released garnered them a lot of attention in the US, Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, & Argentina in particular.

Their sound mixes ska with jazz, blues, soul, calypso, & reggae to give the band its distinctive sound. They were part of the most important compilation of local Puerto Rico bands, titled Uno Mas, produced by Phat Productions & PulsoRock.com .

In 2006 they launched their second release, entitled De Vuelta Atrás. This lead to their first tour of foreign countries, helped their music reach a larger audience.

In 2012 they released their third disc, the self-tiled Negros Vivos. It was well received & they were signed to play at Festival Vive Latino in Mexico held in March 2013. They became only the fifth Puerto Rican band to perform at this prestigious event.

I was going to post up their latest self-titled release, but the back cover had a warning from the F.B.I. against illegal useage. Knowing the close ties that Puerto Rican money interests have to the U.S., I thought I better heed the warning, punk band or not. Always figured you could trust punk bands for a bit of anarchy, but I was never too sure about ska. Hope this one is safe. Hate to get this far on our journey & then get pulled over by the sheriff.

Negro Vivos are: Juan ‘Paito’ Rivera - vocals & guitar; Alexis Matos - keyboards & vocals; Willy Black - guitar & vocals; & Evan Troche – drums.

Tracklist –

No Vale Encessarse
Busca Bien
Volverte a ver
Viviendo en Otro Lugar
Porque Dudas
Correl el SKA
A tu Lado
No Puedes Juzgar
Canticos a la Raza
Calles Obscuras
Bares y Alcohol


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