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17 October 2013

Political Chicken

Maybe it’s just because I’ve been listening to so much reggae musick lately. Reggae always makes me get all political & community-conscious. Oh, I’ll admit it…I’ve just been smoking a lot more ganja. I just think I need to weigh in on the bullshit the Tea-Bagger Party has been trying to pull in Washington.

Man, they sure thump the bible & wave the flag & flap the Constitution all the time. But what happened to “We, the people???”  What about their beloved Democracy. The majority of the American people have spoken & it’s not the crap the Tea-Baggers are flinging. We elected President Barack Obama by a clear majority, you racist asswipes, so live with it.

I figured out the whole thing. The Tea-Baggers just wanna play Chicken with America’s future. Every time the President starts driving us down that road toward a better future, the Tea-Baggers hop in their little minority car & come barreling down on us from the opposite direction in their hyper-righteous game of Political Chicken. The President, being the caring human being that he truly is, swerves out of their way to avoid injury to any of us, even those idiots driving on the wrong side of the road. He’s been doing it for more than four years. All it has done is keep us from our destination & emboldens the Tea-Baggers.

Well, enough is enough. There are obvious flaws in their bravado approach. The President is driving a powerful & large American-made Peterbilt 18-wheeler & the Tea-Baggers are driving their little Third Reich VW. & as they learned to a science during the Dubya Bushie era that they should just lie about every thing…ev—verrrry-thang! They are totally chicken, totally chicken-shit & it was finally time to call their bluff.

So the President decided that he wasn’t gonna budge, he wasn’t going to let a bunch of lying bully asswipes sidetrack us on our path to a better tomorrow. He was willing to gamble that ‘We, the people’ would come out the least injured even in the event that neither party swerved, that neither side was chicken. But in his gut he knew that we were in the right & they were CHICKEN. So he stayed on the road, he never budged, took it right to the last second before impact. & the Tea Party Chicken Party revealed their true self to the last few remaining folks that didn’t already know.

I’m sure they’ll re-group, spin the fact that they swerved to some humanitarian lie that they so don’t believe, & wait until they get the balls (not too hard for the likes of the Palins of their ilk. [She had her husband’s balls removed & bronzed like li’l baby shoes & wears them around her neck]) to try it again. But it only takes a couple times of their chickening out before this all morphs into Bushie’s ‘Fool me once, fool me twice’ nonsense or from a story about Chicken to a story about a little coward ‘boy who cried Wolf’.

Here’s some appropriate (or not) musick from UXA (United eXperiments of America formed in San Francisco in 1977 & later moved to L.A, fronted by the great De De Troit. This is Posh Boy’s second issuing of this with 12 songs instead of the original 10, different mixes).

U.X.A. – Illusions of Grandeur, Posh Boy PBS 104, 1981.
decryption code in comments

Side A –
Paranoia is Freedom
No Time / UXA
Hand in Glove
I Don’t Lose Sleep
You Saw Me

Side B –
Sister Godfrieda
Innocent Bystander
Death from Above

Enjoy it while you can afford it suckers,

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