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26 October 2013


While Bermuda is not technically in the Caribbean, but rather in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida, I would be remiss to skip it, so thought I’d just shoot up from Haiti across the Tropic of Cancer & through the Sargasso Sea to this little island nation. It IS the northernmost tip of the famed Bermuda triangle after all & by going from Haiti I kinda skimmed the edge of the triangle without really passing through it. Not that I believe in all that hooey, but I didn’t want to disappear, you know.

I’ll head back south after this ‘cuz I want to end up in Jamaica before touching down on ye olde Isthmus. Wanna take a few days to soak up some sun & fun, some ganga & dub before trekking onward to C.A. & then N.A. & the end of this long strange trip. I’ve already contacted my travel agent to reset my itinerary later. When I leave Mexico I’m going to fly directly to Canada, then drop down south of the border to end up in the U.S. to end my travels. Just think it’ll be more…I don’t know…immaculate?

The Talbot Brothers were a musical group from Bermuda that were among the most popular calypso performers of the 1950s. They were brothers Archie - lead singer, acoustic guitar, & harmonica, Austin - acoustic guitar & harmonica, Bryan aka ‘Dick’ – tipple (a large, 10-stringed ukulele), Ross aka ‘Blackie’ - electric guitar, & Roy Talbot - bass, along with their cousin Cromwell ‘Mandy’ Mandres – accordion.

The Talbots were the first of Bermuda’s many notable singing groups. They performed a variation of Trinidadian calypso in a smooth melodic style influenced by pop music. They performed & recorded cover versions of many calypso classics in addition to their own originals songs.

The Talbots formed in 1942 & became popular playing in local hotels. But it was an early recording they made in the United States that made them even more popular in their homeland. The song “Bermuda Buggy Ride” brought them wide recognition in the USA & made them the group tourists to Bermuda most wanted to see. The song was a swing ballad. It was actually written in a buggy en route to Tom Moore’s Tavern in Bermuda. On arriving at Tom’s Tavern the musicians rehearsed the song until it was ready for performance that very night. It’s been riding along ever since.

Their popularity with American tourists resulted in tours of the U.S. starting in the early 1950s. They were frequent performers on television in the 50s, appearing on Ed Sullivan’s variety shows & other programs. One of their draws was the novelty of Roy Talbot’s home-made upright bass (seen on the CD cover photo). It was dubbed the ‘doghouse’. Roy created the instrument from a large meat-packing crate & a single fishing line. This bass was a particular curiosity & during the Talbots’ tours many visiting celebrities would autograph the crate.

Roy Talbot, who died on May 15, 2009, was the last surviving brother.

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Tracklist –
Remember Bermuda
Out the Fire
13 Kids
Gonna Cut You with the Razor (original version)
Atomic Nightmare (original version)
Man Smart Woman Smarter (original version)
De Mongrel
Run Fast
Yellow Bird
Bermuda Buggy Ride
She’s My Buddy’s Chick
Mandolin Jive
Jane Jane Jane
She Sits Down on Me
Foolish Man
Razor Razor (alternate take)
Atomic Nightmare (alternate take)
Man Smart Women are Smarter (alternate take)


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