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23 March 2013


Nestled in the eastern Pyrenees. we’re in the sixth smallest country in Europe, the land-locked micro-state of Andorra, also called the Principality of the Valleys of Andorra. What’s that mean in US lingo. Well, Andorra is about 181 square miles & Rhode Island is 1545 square miles, so about 1/8 the size of li’l ole Rhode Island. The population is about, 85,000. That’s about the size of my cow college neighbor to the north, Chico,CA. Good luck finding bands in some of these little burgs.

This one I’ve had since it came out five years ago. Always really enjoyed it. It’s a nice set of self-released musick from Escaldes, Andorra musician Lluis Martinez Carrera. Some celestial electronica ambient trance. Carrera enjoys music & astronomy, so combines his two loves to create this work of the heart. He has a website, In Space where you can find more of his aethereal music, Borealis & A New Light.

 In Space – Pulsar, Radio Bunker, 2008. 
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Tracklist –
Sunrise on Venus              
Comet Trail (original mix)     
Seeking the Voyager 2            
Path to he Moon                   
Comet Trail (short mix)


Hailing from Andorra, a small country located between France & Spain, Nami play there own personal version of progressive metal. Originally formed by Jonathan Lemos – guitarist & Sergi Verdeguer – drummer, the rest of the band’s lineup was quickly filled out by: Roger Andreu – vocalist; Bernat Argemi – guitarist; & Ricard Tolosa – bassist. Shortly before they began work on their debut album, Lemos was replaced by Filipe Baldaia (although some of Lemos guitar work appears on the album). 

So I guess Fragile Alignments aren’t really so fragile, as the story told by the songs, the adventures of ‘The Man’ & his journey through life, can be played in any random order, each time creating a new life story or narrative of ‘The Man’. It may be too much of a concept for me.

In 2011, Nami signed recording deals with Year of the Sun Records, Canada/USA, Kaiowas Records, Spain, & Season of Mist/Klonosphere, France for world-wide domination. To promote the album, Nami toured the first months of 2012 through Spain & France, playing in Bilbao, Bordeaux, Madrid, Barcelona, & Valencia. At the beginning of the tour, Bernat Argemi – guitarist quits, & Carlos Lozano (of the band Persefone) fills in during the whole tour. After the tour ends, Nami recruit Ivan Marín as the new guitar player.

decryption code in comments


Awakening from Lethargy
The Inner Man: Materia
The Growing – Earth
Oppression & Understanding – Fire
Loop of Truth (The Link)
Cosmical Beginning – Air
Conscience of the Void (from Oblivion to the Renew) – Water
The Inner Man: Antimateria
The Pattern


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