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20 March 2013


I have Ireland here, but I’m posting up some bands from both the Republic of & Northern, just to be democratic & catholic (non-capital letter meanings).

Nobody’s commenting on any of this, so why am I wasting my time writing up a bunch of stuff no one reads. If you want to find out more about these bands or releases, look for the information elsewhere. As I wrote on the first country post (Greenland):
“…having the honor of being the first country in our amazing quest around the world searching out musick from every nation, you’ll  have to pardon me & excuse any problems you may perceive with my style. I am as of yet in awe of this whole project & I will probably ramble on way too much at first here…”

In 1972, one Philip Parris Lynott & his mates Eric Bell & Brian Downey teamed up with Benny White – singer & Dave Lennox – keyboards, from the band Elmer Fudd, to do an album, a tribute to Deep Purple. They called this one-off band Funky Junction.

Funky Junction – Play aTribute to Deep Purple, Stereo Gold Award MER 373, 1973. 
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Side 1 -

Fireball (original D.P song)
Black Night (original D.P song)
Strange Kind of Woman (original D.P song)

Side 2 -

Hush (original D.P song)
Rising Sun
Speed King (original D.P song)

Then some Rare & Unreleased (2003) tunes from Phil’s other band.

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Tracklist -
Going Down (Rare RTE 1973 live)
Blues Boy (Rare)
Leaving Town (Rare unreleased)
A Tribute to Sandy (Rare)
Rocklila (Rare)
A Ride in the Lizzy Mobile (Rare)
Here I Go Again (Rare)
Rock 'n' Roll with You (Rare BBC live)
Are You Ready? (Rare studio version)
Cold Black Night (Rare unreleased)
Beat of the Drum (Rare)
Hate (Rare unreleased)
Leaving Town (Rare unreleased)
One Wish (Rare unreleased)
Toughest Street in Town (Rare alt. version)
Song for Jimmy (Rare)
The Farmer (Rare)
Got to Give it Up (demo - different lyrics)
Please Don't Leave Me (Rare)
Romeo & the Lonely Girl (Rare Cleveland 1976 live)
Somebody Else’s Dream (Rare)
Please Don't Leave Me (Rare feat. John Sykes)


Do you need some Belfast Therapy? Well, I say you do.

While attending a charity gig in early 1989, Andy Cairns saw Fyfe Ewing playing drums in a punk covers band. They met for rehearsal in Fyfe's house in Larne with Andy playing guitar through a small practice amp & Fyfe playing his kit with brushes. First they borrowed a bass guitar from Fyfe's classmate Michael McKeegan & then deciding to play live, they borrowed McKeegan. 
“With keen pop sensibilities, a skewed sense of humor & a willingness to draw inspiration from diverse sources, Therapy? came to attention in the early 1990s rise of alternative rock, & have endured for more than two decades”: critic Johnny Loftus writes.

Therapy? – Babyteeth, Southern Records 18507-1, 1991.
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Inside -
Meat Abstract
Punishment Kiss
Animal Bones

Outside –
Loser Cop (w/Keith Thompson – saxophone)
Innocent X
Dancin’ with Manson



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