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18 March 2013


Taffy was a Welshman…

Brian Williams was a Welshman & he had Lustmord. But before he did, he somehow let his Lustmordekay. These are among the first recordings he ever released. Lustmordekay is a collection of early live tracks (some of which, most notably "Murderwrecker", can be found, albeit in edited versions, on the A Document of Early Acoustic & Tactical Experimentation). This is an early example of proto-industrial music. 

Highly confrontational, difficult to categorize, & totally unique, this work is & has been out of print for over twenty years. 

 Lustmørd – live evil Lustmørdekay cassette, Sterile Records SRC6, 1982. 
decryption code in comments

Side A -

Untitled 1       
Untitled 2                   
Untitled 3                   
Untitled 4                   
Untitled 5                   
Untitled 6       

Side B -           
Untitled 7                   
Untitled 8

Enjoy if you dare,

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