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30 March 2013

Czech Republic

 Any regulars around these parts know by now that I’m a fool for On-U Sound. I’ve posted up a lotta Mark Stewart with or without Maffia, Singers & Players, Bim Sherman, Little Axe, Tackhead…well, you get the picture. I never woulda thought I be finding some righteous dub in the Czech Republic, especially not with a On-U connection. Guess that thunk stunk like a skunk.

Michal Ditrich & Milada Ditrichova, long before world musick became popular, had a dub dream. That dream was Hypnotix. They release their first album in 1990, titled Rastaman in Prague. Throwing down African rhythms & Asian modes mixed with Bourama Badji’s Senegalese verses of dub poetry, Hypnotix grabs the ear of Steve Barker, a prominent DJ on BBC Radio. He gets them invited to contribute to the compilation called Shocks on the Wire along with the likes of Dub Syndicate & Suns of Arqua.

By their third album, they are being produced by Louis Beckett of Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound (producer for African Head Charge & Asian Dub Foundation, among others).

On New World Order, Hypnotix are: Bourama Badji – vocals; Petr Pokorný – guitar; Václav Slon Kořán – rhythm guitar; Michal Ditrich – bass & double bass; Přemek Urban – keyboard; Milada Ditrichova – percussion & xylophone; & Luboš Hnát - drums

 Hypnotix – New World Order, African Dance Records 006, 1993. 
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Tracklist – 

Uncle Sam
Ande Sopi
Jambo Style
Roots Dub


Psí Vojáci (Dog Soldiers) is a Czech Republic underground band from Prague, active between the years 1979 – 2011, then reforming in 2012. Its frontman is a singer, piano player, composer & a songwriter Filip Topol, son of the playwright Josef Topol & brother of the writer Jáchym Topol. He formed the band in 1979 along with his elementary school classmates David Skála - drums & Jan Hazuka - bass. Psí vojáci first performed publicly in 1979 at the IX. Prague Jazz Days. They quickly attracted the attention of the Czech secret police. At the time, the band members were 13 years old. The band was not allowed to perform publicly. They were forced to play at private underground events (one being at future first President of the Czech Republic Václav Havel’s cottage in Hrádeček). 

At first, Filip’s brother Jáchym wrote most of the songs for the band. in song writing for the band. In late 1980s the band started to perform under a pseudonym P.V.O. (Dog Soldiers in Person). They ventured forth once more into the public eye. The Prague Junior Club Na Chmelnici became their home stage.

The Velvet Revolution (Czech: sametová revoluce) or Gentle Revolution (Slovak: nežná revolúcia) was a non-violent revolution in Czechoslovakia that took place from November 17 to December 29, 1989. Dominated by student & other popular demonstrations against the one-party government of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, it saw to the collapse of the party's control of the country, & led to the subsequent conversion to a parliamentary republic.

After 1989 Psí Vojáci became popular concert performers. They started playing at many clubs as well as music festivals. They toured clubs in Hungary, Austria, Germany, & the Netherlands. They performed at music festivals in Belgium & France.
Filip Topol said, describing their musick:
“There have always been some elements of punk in Psí ojáci. Our music speaks to punks in a different way than the music of truly punk bands, but I believe we share a lot of what they feel.”

The group disbanded in August 2011. They started playing again in the original formation in October 2012.

On Sestra, Psí Vojáci are: Filip Topol – vocals & Casiotone MT-68; Luděk Horký – guitar & bass; Jiří Jelínek – saxophone; David Skála – drums; & Jáchym Topol – lyrics & readings with guest Monika Načeva – vocals on “Ohnivá voda”.

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Tracklist -

Vlčí sen, Do města, Jiný příběh (Wolf's Dream, to the City, is Another Story)
Ohnivá voda (Fire Water)
Cestou (Way)
Ráno, pořád (In the Morning, Still)
Kdykoli (Whenever)
"Teď jděte v pokoji" (“Now Go in Peace”)
Starý slova (Old Words)
Je tam (Is There)
Já, to mně a B. a obrana (Me, it’s Me & B. & defense)



  1. Hypnotix
    Psí Vojáci

  2. Loved the radio in Prague when I was there. A totally eclectic mix...Psi Vojaci is great. Haven't hard Hypnotix... but I love me some on-u, so thanks.

    1. icastico,

      thanks for your loyalty here
      & thanks for the informed comments.
      wanna help out on this journey?
      i'm working so hard, sometimes i forget
      ya know, Enjoy

  3. I am sorry to bring up to date so harshly, but Filip Topol died in June 2013.

    Thanks for your great blog.

    1. Deeply saddened by the news (old, I guess - 2013), Psí Vojáci are a great band & Filip was an ace. But thank you for your update. It only makes the musical legacy of these musicians all the more valuable.