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25 March 2013


Well, when I posted up the list of countries, I said I had probably forgotten some. I haven’t even got through Europe & realized I had forgotten Luxembourg. I know it’s small, but they have a thriving music scene. I decided I could hit Lux between France & Monaco. 

The one band I really wanted to showcase some of their work was Birdbone from Fischbach, Luxembourg. It is hard not to be mesmerized by Deborah Lehnen’s voice. She is from Mauritius. She worked with Dan Kramp - guitar & Erik Stein - drums through correspondences (physical & digital) for two years before moving to Luxembourg in 2010 to sing for Birdbones.. Her move to Luxembourg & the adding of bassist Jonah Neuser made it possible for Birdbones to develop into a full-fledged band, completing their lineup with Sid Mysore on the keyboards. They worked on material & toured extensively. But recent postings on the band's website & facebook page state that the band is now a three-piece, with Deborah & Sid no longer with them. Good luck I say, but that sucks, to me. I really dug Deborah’s voice.

I’ve included a few songs by other artists that feature Deborah on vocals. She sings on a track from vwaz. You might not have heard of him yet, but he's been part of the Luxembourgish music scene since 2007. He is mainly inspired by the sounds of 80s. 

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Tracklist –
Feel (from Birdbones EP)

Léiwen Kleeschen Gleew Mir  (Birdbones demo)

He Waits for Me - feat. Deborah Lehnen (Sun Glitters – It’s Snowing & the Girls are Singing)

Turn Around – feat. Deborah Lehnen (vwaz – 1984)


Rome is a martial folk act founded in November 2005 as a main output for the songs of Jérôme (Rome) Reuter of Luxembourg. Fans of the likes of Death in June will find suitable pleasure yet Rome is very distinctive & his song writing is quite original. Reuter’s music is a somber affair, delving into the follies & frailties of humanity. His most recent release continues to focus on this dark territory.

Die Æsthetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit spans three CDs over some 150 minutes. Each CD explores different musical realms. The first CD deals with the birth of revolt. The second CD contains ballads from the history of European revolution. The third tackles Art & its connection within freedom.

 Rome - Die Æsthetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit, Trisol ‎– TRI 424 CD, 2011. 
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The Chronicles of Kronstadt
The Angry Brigade
The Spanish Drummer
To Teach Obedience
The Death of Longing
Our Holy Rue
The Night-Born
The Pyre Glade
In Cruel Fire
A Pact of Blood
The Merchant Fleet
A Cross of Wheat

The Brute Engine
Seeds of Liberation
To Each His Ground
Sons of Aeeth
August Spies
To Be Governed
Families of Eden
Red Years, Black Years
Little Rebel Mine
The Breaking Part
Eagle & Serpent
A Cross of Fire

The Conquest of Violence
All for Naught
You Threw it at Me like Stones
Time & Tide
Dawn & the Darkest Hour
Years of Abalone
Petrograd Waltz
Ballots & Bullets
Appeal to the Slaves
A Cross of Flowers




  1. Deborah Lehnen
    Rome:Disc 1
    Rome:Disc 2
    Rome:Disc 2

  2. Thank you very much! Very generous.

    For others listening to and enjoying this great music: support small artists, buy his records if you can afford them. If you can't, just enjoy.