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08 March 2013


About the only thing I can tell you about this band is the same info that’s everywhere else on the interweb. I’ll just echo it here, though I did add a few items. The Tuberkuloited are an Estonian punk rock band begun in 1991 in Sindi, Estonia by Alar Aigro & Indrek "Summer" Raadik.  Their name is a combining of Tuberculosis & The Exploited. They had a few hits like "Lilleke rohus" & "Näkineiud" in Estonia. They were known for their melodic approach to punk rock. The Tuberkuloited disbanded in late 2007 but reunited in February 2010 & began touring again. 

This is a compilation of tracks taken from various sources --- from their first cassette release, 1994s Klassiõhtu through 2003s Estraadialbum.

The Tuberkuloited are: Sander Forest – vocals; Alar Aigro – guitar;  Ivo Belka – guitar; Andrus Uutsalu – bass; Meelis Laidvee – synthesizer; & Eimel Kaljulaid – drums. 

decryption code in comments

Tracklist –

Tule ääres     from Klassiõhtu 1994 cassette  

Lilleke rohus
Põhjamaa Neid     from Lilleke rohus 1994 cassette

Okkaline lill
Tartu mnt.52     from Õhtupimedas 1997 cd

Tantsin valssi
Ole mu silmades
Sa ei näe     from Kiirteel 2000 cd 

Tinasõdur (live)
Taevatüdruk     from Unplugged 2001 cd

Vana Vaksal     from Estraadialbum 2003 cd




  2. It must be mentioned that one of the greatest living composers is Estonian: Arvo Pärt (born 11 September 1935; Estonian pronunciation: [ˈɑrvo ˈpært]. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8as_BN5h5YQ

    And, Estonia's best music blog is a gem

    1. to icastico,

      Arvo Pärt is indeed phenomenal. You can freely download much of his material at MP3Lemon http://mp3lemon.org/artist/8734/
      Anyone interested in hearing Pärt should go there to begin.

      I'll check out the blog when I get a bit of free time. This weekend, however, I'm losing an hour.


  3. I really liked Dallas (1990s, some work in early 2000s), had a britpop feel, some songs on youtube. I checked the Estonia music blog and there's reference to them and a post project called Mirabilia, who have songs on bandcamp http://mirabilia.bandcamp.com/

    I haven't checked that blog yet for other gems but will do. There's still an interview or two of Dallas online. I think they said once the Soviet Union collapsed, a lot of bands started popping up but most were terrible. They recommended a couple bands in this interview http://www.inkoma.com/pages/interviews/dallas.html

    1. Thank you for all you're comments. I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to provide further information, more bands, different links, whatever they have to share that strengthens the whole. You're suggestions of bands & interviews have been really great. I truly hope that other visitors here make the effort to read the comments. I have intentionally chosen to include the decryption links in the comments just to spur everyone on to at least acknowledge that there are such things. Once again, thanks for the learning. I love new input almost as much as I love music (well, maybe half as much...well, second favorite after music...well, maybe not second favorite, but...you know what I mean, right?). Keep the suggestions coming if you please.