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28 March 2013


There isn't a huge music scene in the tiny country of Liechtenstein, but Weltenbrand is a native Darkwave band from this European country. The band embraces Liechtenstein’s history. They perform songs about their country's myths & legends.

Weltenbrand was formed in 1995 by Oliver Falk. Falk plays all the instruments while Ritchie Wenaweser & Simone Steiner handle the vocals. The aim of the founder Falk, was the present the ‘true’ history of the Principality of Liechtenstein & to represent by the lyrics of the songs the works of Dr. Otto Seger, whose focus is the Science of History.

Weltenbrand has featured guest artists on many of their releases: Daniela Nipp – violin since their second album; Liv Kristine & Alexander Krull – additional vocals on their third release; & on this album, In Gottes Oder Des Teufels Namen (In God’s or the Devil’s Name), Jürgen Büchel – timpani & percussion.

 WeltenBrand ‎– In Gottes Oder Des Teufels Namen, M.O.S. Records Ltd ‎– MOS 666 CD, 2001. 
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Tracklist –

The Sunken Bath
The Ghost Without a Head
The Bell Carrying Devil
Pine Cone
In God’s or the Devil’s Name
The Red Ghost
The Pious Man
Never Touch a Ghost
The White Horse of Lochgass
The Fiddler (Spiritual Cramp cover)


Liechtenstein, an independent principality situated between Switzerland & Austria, is well known for banks, tax seat companies, insurance companies & other money business. So at first sight this is clearly not fertile ground for a hard rock band. But, sooner or later it was gonna be time for HARD RAWK!   

Lovechild is that band. They were founded in 2002 in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, by former Tess member Roger Kaufmann - guitars. He recruited ex-Satrox vocalist Werner Schweizer to join his new band. With the addition of bassist Sven Sieber & drummer extra-ordinaire Danny Zimmermann, also ex-Satrox, Lovechild was a rawking unit.

 Lovechild - SoulCollector, Escape Music ESM 139, 2006. 
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Tracklist -

1. Prisoner
2. Perfect Day
3. Soul Collector
4. Left on the Outside
5. Sunset Rider
6. No Return
7. Battlefield
8. Line on Fire
9. Promised Land
10. Lion
11. Midnight Train
12. Close


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