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09 March 2013


I was trying to get away from metal bands the past coupla posts, but now that we're skirting the Scandinavian Penisula again, metal is prevalent once more. I think these two bands present different styles of metal from what we have listened to so far. Hope you agree.

F[ei]K formed in 1998. They play NuMetal. The band's influences range from Queen & Radiohead to Dimmu Borgir & Sepultura. They have gone through many personnel changes, with Ansis Auders – guitar being the only original member. The band line-up stabilized in 2000. The main members of F[ei]K are: Verners Biters – vocals; Ansis Auders – guitars; Gusts Leimanis – bass; & Mārtiņš Opmanis - drums. DJ Krii was in the 200 line-up but later on chose to leave the band. Verners & Ansis write most of the bands tunes & lyrics. 

In the summer of 2000 F[ei]K recorded a four song demo CD. A radio single version of one of these songs, "Sigh", was recorded. It became popular & made it to Radio KNZ’s top 25 & Radio SWH "Priekšnams"’s top 5. Enthused by the success of “Sigh”, the band completed & released their 2002 full length album The Inevitable which featured new versions of the demo songs. F[ei]K - The Inevitable is available at cdbaby.

The band took a break in 2005, but got back together in 2007 with plans for a new album, scheduled for 2008, but nothing was released except a 2007 promo Vienadiba. In 2010, the band Sakhta played at Zverafest, an annual non-commercial rock music festival held near Lašupe, former Saldus District, Latvia. Sakhta is a Latvian progressive metal band formed in 2009 in Rīga, Latvia. The band included Ansis Auders & Verners Biter, so perhaps F[ei]K is no more.

F[ei]K - Demo cd, 2000.
Tracks -
Behind Me
Back Twice

F[ei]K - Unreleased Tracks, 2005.

Tracks -
Verners Scream Ringtone
Though Shalt not Kill
Rush (Depeche Mode cover)
Monopoly of Truth
Katrs Nākamais Solis (live performance at Club Depot - Radio SWH Hall)

F[ei]K - Vienadiba (promo) for unreleased planned album

Tracks -
Vienadiba (edit)
 All files are in one download. Decryption code is in comments.

F[ei]k has opened for Skyforger, the band I will feature next.  


Skyforger is a heavy/folk/pagan metal band from Latvia which was formed in 1995 out of the remains of doom metal band Grindmaster Dead. 

Latvian Riflemen is a definitive piece of folk metal. It blends thrash metal with the rich roots of Latvian cultural heritage. This album is different from any other Skyforger release, or for that matter, any other folk metal release. Latvian Riflemen takes us to the trenches & battle fields of these valiant soldiers. Skyforger here blend folk melodies & metal riffs in perfect proportions, creating a truly unique sound. The sounds differs from both Scandinavian metal bands & also other Latvian metal bands. It was released by various labels in 2000 on cd. It was re-released in 2005 on Folter Records as an LP limited to 500 copies. While more recent releases by Skyforger are available, this on seems to again be out of print.

Line-up on Latvian Riflemen is: Pēteris Kvetkovskis – vocals, guitar, & Latvian folk instruments; Edgars Grabovskis – bass guitar, backing vocals, & Latvian folk instruments; & Edgars Krūmiņš – drums & percussion.

 Skyforger - LatvieðuStrçlnieki (Latvian Riflemen), Folter Records FR 031, 2000. 
decryption code in comments

Side One -
Latviešu Strēlnieki - Latvian Riflemen
Kauja Pie Plakaniem, Kauja Pie Veisiem - Battle of Plakani, Battle of Veisi
1916. Gada Marts - The March of 1916
Nāves Sala - Death Island
Sešas Ārprāta Dienas - Six Days of Madness

Side Two -
Pulkvedis Briedis - Colonel Briedis
Tīrela Purvā - In the Tirelis Swamp
Esat Kā Vīri - Be Like a Man
Dzīves Vismelnākā Stundā - In Life's Darkest Hour
Uz Karinu Bālinš Jāla - Brother Rides to the War


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