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10 March 2013


Well , today I'm doing the Lithuanian Snake Dance. That's an inside joke for old San JoHaze frenz. It means that for today I've SLIPped (another L.S.D./S.J. pun) under the Scandi metal fence & slithered down into the green, green grass of Lithiumuania.

Baltic ska pioneers, Lithuanian ska-punk, skunk, ska-hardcore, ska-punk, whatever you want to call it, dr.Green was formed in 1996 by members of several influential alternative music acts. Faithful to DIY approach, the band released Ska'n'go on Lithuania’s leading alternative record label Zona in 1997.  Heavy touring in Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy, Finland & other European countries has spread the bands music. dr.Green is arguably the country's most important alternative band at the moment & one of the most well-known Lithuanian alternative music group in Europe. They are leaders of the Lithuanian do-it-yourself movement, with the band's support of marijuana decriminalization & anti-fascist ideas reaching their like-minded music audience.  

In the words of Domas, dr. Green is about:
“various(things) - against the army, about our inner "boards", about our "dead" friends, who’s decided to become a "normal" citizen, about people's relationships, some ironic stuff about love, against racism, about hard drugs, about blind non-thinking, consumer society - all things that worry us..”

On Ska’n’go, dr. Green are: Domas – vocals; Mindas – guitar; Verbaitis – bass; Gedas ‘Che Guevara’ – saxophone; & Arvydas ‘Saragosa’ – drums. Since this release, the band has added more horns: Konanas - tenor sax; & Milda – trombone.

 Dr. Green – Ska’n’go, Zona Records ZNMC 062, 1997. 
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Side One –
Visuomene puna
He Perdido
Vitaminas K
I Wanna Riot (Rancid cover)
Melavimo Butinybe

Side Two –
(tavo nugaroj) Kablys
Nice Looking Guy
Nei Dienos Be Kovos
Mano Mire Draugai
Bandidos Aus Jamaica (Duke Ellington cover)


Sala are a great Ambient Ritual Drone project from Lithuania started in 1996. They were comprised of Audrius Simkunas (Alas23), Ramunas Personis (Moonis) & Vasha Dadaja (Portas), but were aided during all live performances by additional members. Since 2011, Portas & Moonis are no longer members. According to Alas23, their mission with Sala has ended & they are now following their own course. The three had been members of various Lithuanian black pagan groups, but were tiring of the shrieking vocals & black metal structuring of their particular bands. They were becoming interested in more avant-garde pagan mystical/magickal expression, creating works around Bryon Gysin’s Dream-machine, the Illuminati illuminations of Robert Anton Wilson, & the more bizarre aspects of Chaos magick.

Shcut ente Ring Worts (shortcut entering words) consists of two forceful tracks beginning with a hypnotic mantra that progresses to beautiful organic sounds, supplemented by tabors, bells, magic spells & mysterious drones floating from distant landscapes that creates a strong psychedelic effect.

Originally recorded in 2000. Limited edition of 500 copies.

 Sala – Shcut ente Ring Worts, Autarkeia Label - acd006, 2005. 
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1- His Entering the Dream
2- The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah

This cd is dedicated to two musicians, both whom died in 2004. They were influences, directly or indirectly, of Sala: Jhonn Balance of Coil (1962 -2004) & Sedu (a.k.a Gediminas Gadliauskas 1979-2004).  An old recording (made around 2002) from long gone Sedu.   

Since Sedu was also from Lithuania, I decided to include Jazz Play Forever from 2002 that features Portas & Alas23 from Sala. It was recorded at their studio. Sedu was one of pioneers of Lithuanian electronic music. This record shows his talents. Weird jazzy compositions that take us into the very depths of our minds.

Sedu – Playing Jazz Then, Now & Ever, PitLiv Records, 2002. 
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