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19 March 2013


Filed under Glasgow Noise in my arbitrary filing shambles are some of my favorite post-punk bands: Dog Faced Hermans; 23 Skidoo; Stretchheads; Badgewearer; DeSalvo; Whirling Pig Dervish; Archbishop Kebeb…but number one in this group is Dawson. If you’re not familiar with Barfmarket: You're Ontae Plums then you should search it out. It changed my life, it might change yours.

Dawson’s four albums, various singles & an EP were all released on Gruff Wit Records, a label run by Dawson main man Jer(emy) Reid (labelmates included above mentioned Badgewearer & Whirling Pig Dervish along with The Keatons & Nostril). The album cover is spray-painted & inside is all kinds of crazy shite: posters; lyrics; political screeds.

Dawson’s sound is Scot post-punk, scratchy-guitar licks, funky bass lines & tight faced paced drums. While side one is relatively straight forward Minutemenish punk tuneage, though slightly twisted, side two really ups the weirdness factor. I love this stuff.

Dawson are: Jer Reid - guitar; Ali Begbie - bass; Richie Dempsey - drums.

Gruff Wit GRUFF 005, 1991. 
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Side One –

From Bearsden to Baghdad (Via the Erskine Bridge)
Leaf Sweepers & Sandwich Men
Surface Tension
Booger Hall
George Bush's Family Oil Business

Side Two –
Bodies Under The Floor
Pwep Dub
Datsun Panel Beating Co.
Neil Kinnock Graciously Accepts his £150,000 Pay Rise



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