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22 March 2013


So here’s where stuff starts getting sticky. What’s up with Spain?  I’m searching for musick from España & everything is lawyered up or corporate cheese. I mean shit from the 50s that’s been outta print so long there aren’t even copies on eBay or GEMM. “There's unlimited supply & there is no reason why. I tell you it was all a frame.They only did it 'cos of fame. Who?  E.M.I. E.M.I.  E.M.I.” Either E.M.I. or BMG have everything under contract, whether the groups are still around or whether the artists are already dead. I wanted to post up some Spanish flamenco or rumba. Yeah, right. I haven’t really had any DMCA or copyright problems so far, but this time I feel like I’m skating on thin ice. So here’s what I decided…

Diametrically opposed. I’ll pick a punk band that hasn’t been around since the mid 80s (sure, some of the members recently recorded these song along with their other material on a tribute album & of course these two songs are on a live club recording, but I know the Rombos brothers went bankrupt rather than pay the band back in the 80s, so…) & probably the most successful Spanish rock band, HdS (I know all their product is under the E.M.I. thumb & although I try to be open about most types of musick, I’m not really a big fan of RAWK). Diametrically opposed. We’ll see how this flies…

(las) Vulpess were a great all-female punk band from Bilbao, Spain, 1980-83. In all there were more than 10 girls in the lineup before they solidified into their final four by the time they recorded their infamous video on state-run TVE. Loles Vázquez, guitarist, lyricist, & founder had been joined by Begoña Astigarraga, the bass player, about 3 weeks earlier. Loles’ sister Lupe played drums & Mamen Rodrigo sang. These two had been in the band for about more or less 2 months.

It was the song “Me Gusta Ser una Zorra”, which loosely translates into “I Like Being a Slut” that got them a lot of attention/trouble. A guy named Carlos Tena was preparing a new TV show called Caja de Ritmos (Rhythm Box) with only Spanish bands. Somebody told him that in Bilbao there was a girl’s only band. Carlos contacted them & everything happened extremely quickly. They recorded “Me Gusta…”. They were told that the video that aired would be edited, that every time they cursed there would be a "beep".  But TVE didn’t edit the video & that’s where the trouble began. An article appeared in the front page of ABC (a popular Spanish newspaper). It was election time & the article was written for political reasons. ABC printed the lyrics in the article. This landed the band in legal hot water, especially Loles, as author of the lyrics. It took 3 years until the case for public disturbance was finally dismissed but the damage to the band was done.

They only released this 7″ during their short career. It is legendary among fans of Spanish punk.

The reunited band recorded their only studio album, Me Gusta Ser in 2006 as a tribute to their drummer Lupe, who died in 1993. Punk Away Records released an album in 2012 of Vulpess recorded live on May 20th, 1983 at the Barbarela Rock hall in Palma, Majorca. Limited edition of 800 copies on180 g vinyl.

 (las)VULPESS – Me Gusta Ser una Zorra, Dos Rombos Discos DOS-002, 1983. 
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Side 1 –
Me Gusta Ser una Zorra

Side 2 -


Héroes del Silencio was a Spanish rock band from Zaragoza (Aragón, Spain) formed by Juan Valdivia in 1984. Héroes (or HdS) started out as a band named Zumo de Vidrio. They consisting of Juan Valdivia, his brother Pedro Valdivia & their cousin Javier Guajardo Valdivia. Some time later Enrique Bunbury joined the line-up. Bunbury was originally a bass player but after Juan Valdivia heard him singing a David Bowie song & told him that he had a great voice, Bunbury became the vocalist.

The band changed their name to Héroes del Silencio in 1986. At first they played in public places & made demos but their break came when they participated in a music contest in Salamanca. They won second place. An EMI producer, Gustavo Montesano of the band Ole Ole, saw them in the contest & was impressed. Some time later, at a concert in Sala En Bruto, he signed the band.

The band split in 1996. In 2007 the band announced a ten-day reunion tour that would take them to Guatemala City, Buenos Aires, Monterrey, Ciudad de México, Los Ángeles, Sevilla, Zaragoza & Valencia.

The bands style has metamorphosed throughout their history. Their first album was really kinda pop. As they have progressed, their sound has gotten progressively harder. Also, Bunbury’s vocals & lyrics have become one of the hallmarks of the band. His voice is a rich baritone & his lyrics are cryptic & expressively dark.

This CD consists of music from several concerts. The notes indicate that it was recorded in South America, but it seems to be from Amsterdam, Netherlands 2 April 92, Munich, Germany 13 April 92 & Munich, Germany 7 May 93. The sound is good. The cover is The Scream (El Grito) by Eduard Munch, expressionist, same title as this bootleg.

Héroes del Silencio – El Grito bootleg, MMR 9311, 1993.
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Tracklist –
Al Saber le Llaman Suerte
Hace Tiempo
Entre dos Tierras
Mar Adentro
Maldito Duende
El Camino del Exceso
Tumbas del Sal
Entre dos Tierras
Los Paceres de la Pobresa

Enjoy while they last,

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