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15 March 2013


If you hadn’t noticed or discerned, I’ve been trying to mix up the styles of music coming from the various countries. Europe’s influences incorporate a more global mix than some more exotic areas that channel a more traditional or native music. There is, of course, a great depth of musical tradition in European throughout history, but I am not delving into Classical here. I am trying to touch on the multitude of styles affecting Modern popular music.

Here is another great example of the globalization of European musical outpourings. Here is a band of up-rooted Indonesian youth relocated to the Netherland (get it, literally the nether lands to them) playing latin-flavored rock. & we say America is ‘the melting pot’. What a stew this crazy planet has cooked up. Without further bull… 

Massada are a Dutch/Indonesian latin-rock band. Named after the ancient mountaintop fortification (spelled Masada) built by Herod the Great in southern Israel. Known for getting mighty funky. Best remembered for their track "Na Na Na song", a classic Euro dance-floor tune. They gigged frequently (five to six times a week) during their early years.

Johnny Manuhutu, founder of the band, was born in Cirebon, Java. As a youth, he grew up with his brothers Eppy & Jopie in a converted deportation camp in Huizen, Netherlands, halfway between Amsterdam & Hilversum. He grew up listening to Nat King Cole, soul & latin rock of bands like Santana & Malo along side tratidional Maluku Islands music. In 1963 he formed a band with other boys from the camp, playing guitar along with bass player Usje Sabandar. The Eagles mainly performed at Moluccan weddings & played at discos. With the arrival of New Guinea-born guitarist Chris Latul, Johnny switched to vocals & percussion.

In 1973, when the California band The Eagles started having hits in Europe, the Dutch Eagles re-christened themselves to Massada. The band now included Johnny’s brother Eppy Manuhutu – drums & Zeth Mustamu -percussion), Nino Latuny –guitar & Frans Eschauzier - keyboards.
After fifteen years they released their first album Astaganaga, which also contains another  great dance-floor tune "Dansa (Don't Quit Dancing)" & a romping cover version of Malo's "Nena". The Santana Brothers, Carlos (of Santana) & Jorge (of Malo) were major influences on their sound .

On Astaganaga, Massada are: Johnny Manuhutu - lead vocals & percussion; Chris Latul lead guitar, acoustic guitar & vocals; Nino Latuny - rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar & vocals; Frans Eschauzier – piano & polymoog; Usje Sabander – bass; Eppy Manuhutu – drums & vocals; & Zeth Mustamu - congas, timbales, bongos, percussion, & vocals.

Massada – Astaganaga, Kendari Records KIL 21006 KL, 1978. 
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Side 1 –
Latin Dance

Side 2 –
Beautiful Berimbau/Sleep My Love
Dansa (Don’t Quit Dancing)
Narana Song


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