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22 March 2015

1st Gen Punk Rawk from Ozone City

Previously I posted up some old-school punk from Texas. One of the things was the Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death compilation. One of the songs was "Soldiers of a Pure War" by Mydolls.

Mydolls formed around 1978 in Houston, Texas under the creative wings of Dianna Ray & Trish Herrera, soon joined by Linda (Bond) Younger. After several attempts working with various auditioning drummers failed, Trish's cousin George (Jorge) Reyes joined the band.

After the 1981 release of their first 7'' Nova Grows Up, Mydolls went to England, met Mayo Thompson & Red Krayola, hung out at Rough Trade Records, & did a BBC Radio on-air interview with John Peel.

Mydolls appear in the 1984 Wim Wenders' movie Paris, Texas as the band in the bar scene shot in Beaumont, Texas, with Nastassja Kinski & Harry Dean Stanton. The band traveled to New York City to attend the U.S. premiere at the N.Y. Film Festival. They played the after-party at the Danceteria.

They have performed shows with bands such as Minor Threat, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Poison 13, Big Boys, Ragged Bags, The Cramps,  & Stickmen with Rayguns. In 1985, Mydolls played their farewell gig. Recently they have regrouped & play shows & benefits around Houston.

C.I.A. Records 005, 1981.
Side 1 -
Nova Grows Up

Side a -
In Technicolor

Mydolls - Imposter b/w Exorcism 7”, C.I.A. Records 008, 1982.

 side a -

side one - 

Mydolls - Speak Softly & Carry a Big Stick 12” mini-album,
C.I.A. Records 014, 1983.
decryption code in comments

Side Speak Softly –
Please No Mercy
As Strange as Mine
A World of Her Own

Side Big Stick –
Christmas Day (live)
21st Century Compliments (live)
Rape of a Culture (live)



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  2. Grand Theft Audio put out a very cool 2CD retrospective of the underrated Mydolls with lotsa pics and lyrics. Linda Bond was married to U Ron Bondage (of Really Red and CIA Records). According to the liner notes, Mydolls broke up when Linda became pregnant and the band couldn't find another musician who fit in with their unique sound. They also met Ana de Silva during their London trip!

  3. The two singles downloaded just dandy with no encryption.
    The 12'' required encryption, and would not download!
    Please re-up minus encryption?

    Thanks for your efforts in making rare and obscure recordings available for free downloads.

    1. Read the post MEGA MESS - the note & example explain everything. Let me know

      & thanks for the comment.

  4. Hello, I love the single and EP that are available. Thanks for posting them. Could you please post the "Nova Grows Up" 7" again sometime? The Mega link seems to have expired. Thanks.


    1. Hey Frank, re-upped. Try it now & thanx.