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26 March 2015

A Cat's Tale

Ralf just got some new Wild West mash-up & she’s in 7th Heaven™. She loved the original Wild West & now it’s re-released, a two mix mash-up, I kid you not.

I was going to post Pain Teens today but now I’m in the mash-up mood.

Here’s “Tell Laura I Love My Blue Heaven”.

Oh, wait…

This isn’t a mash-up, it’s avant-garde skronk shizzle, fer rizzle.

Christopher Fringell – guitar & vocals; Markus Kneubühler – bass & tapes; & Alex Buess – saxophone & drums.

One –
My Trigger Finger’s Itching
Who the Fuck are You & What are You Doing in My Image Track
Choose Alienation
C.A. Dub

Two –
Media Assassin
Twisted Hubbub n Din
Synchronize Your Castor Oil Will You?
Tell Laura I Love My Blue Heaven
Time to Squeeze Out the Welchers


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