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15 March 2015

Chance Encounters

Damn, I'm ecstatic to have my turntable back. All I can add to the following is, I performed a Ritual to "Evocation of a Radiant Childhood". It went swimmingly, so…hey, practioners, you might try starting there. Now I'll leave it to a real expert…the artist...Bill Nelson.

According to Sir William hisself:

"The music presented on these two albums marks the consolidation of several years of musickal & philosophical practice. Almost every piece was conceived during moments of intense stillness or 'magickal vacuity'.

For this I acknowledge the influence of the late Austin Osman Spare, whose techniques for creating 'automatic drawing' has found a sympathetic resonance in my own work.

Of all the music I have made, this is, perhaps, the most personal & yet the least demonstrative. Attempting nothing & existing purely for itself, it is, nevertheless, a practical music, ideally suited to the occultist in search of ritual atmosphere or serene meditation.

With such a purpose in mind I offer this work to my fellow initiates as a testament to the Gnosis & a confirmation of The World Within."

Bill Nelson – Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights 2xLP, Enigma Records D1-73337, 1988.

decryption codes in comments

Side 1 –

West Deep
The Spirit Cannot Fail (listed as The Spirit Cannot Fall on the disc)
Pilots of Kite
Seventh Circle
Phantom Gardens
The Angel of Hearth & Home
Villefranche Interior
Night Tides
First Memory
Azure Extension
Radiant Spires
The Evening Peal

Side 2 –

A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain
Body of Light
At the Centre
The Word that Became Flesh
The Hermetic Garden
Revolving Globes
The Four Square Citadel
Little Daughters of Light
Orient of Memphis
The Angel at the Western Window

Side 3 –

My Dark Daemon
The Dove Consumed (The Serpent Slumbers)
Calling Heaven, Calling Heaven, Over
Path of Return
Staircase to No Place
Evocation of a Radiant Childhood
The Kingdom of Consequence

Side 4 -

The Divine Raptures of Sisterhood
Bright Star (Moonlight over Ocean Blue)
A Bird of the Air Shall Carry My Voice
Clothed in Light Amongst the Stars
Bringers of Light to the Feast
Hastening the Chariot of My Heart's Desire

Art is Love,


  1. bill nelson - the angel at the western window is broken. and i would vote yes to any other nelson you wanted to add!

    thank you for all that you share. it takes a lot of grief out of my life!

    1. I'll work on TAATWW & try to get the link fixed by Thursday. Also, thanks for reminding me I need to post up more Mr. Nelson.
      Watch here or elsewhere this blog.

    2. It slipped my mind that I had been wanting to update this with another version I recently acquired. Fourteen extra tracks. & I’m wishing that “Infinite Station” was…indeed…infinite. Didn’t want to wait.

      Thank you for waking me up.

      Cocteau Records CD JEAN 20 2xCD, 1988. experimental.

      I also have a new version of the companion-piece Book of Inward Conversion with eight extra tracks, I'll post that soon.

      Here are the new decryption codes:

      The Angel
      The Book