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12 March 2015

Care Package from the Vinyl Bardo

Today was just one of those days.

Yesterday’s rain scrubbed the sky, today was crystal clear & Cali sunny.

I had just returned from Turntables Unlimited

with my turntable all tuned up (cleaned, belt adjusted to perfect rpms, new Audio Technica AT-95e Special Edition cartridge) & took advantage of the sunny weather. I sat out in the back yard & partook of some solar puffing (using only a magnifying glass & star Sol power…no flame…nature’s perfect vaporizer). Shortly after my mid-day meditation session, a package of vinyl arrives on my doorstep. Providence was being ever-so-smiling. 

Inside was:
a copy of 1985 Mute Records STUMM 24 Mark Stewart – As the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade vinyl that I picked up for a friend (I am, however, going to compare the two copies I now have & keep the best…after all, he hasn’t paid me yet).

1985 Mute 12Mute037 Mark Stewart – Hypnotized 12" single pour moi.

1985 Upside Records UP60005-1 Mark Stewart & Maffia self-titled vinyl, ditto.

1990 Mute STUMM 62 Mark Stewart – Metatron vinyl, ditto.

1988 Enigma Records Bill Nelson – Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights 2xLP, you get it by now.

& almost lost amongst the 12"  monsters was this succulent little 7" (much love Abraham)…

Side A –
Eros Arriving
Bill Nelson vocals & all instruments except –
Merrick – drums.

Side B –
Haunting in My Head
Bill Nelson – vocals & all instruments except –
Bogdan Wiczling

The single version of "Eros" appears on The Two-fold Aspect of Everything, disc Eaux d'Artifice Side A track 5 (the version of "Haunting" that follows – track 6 – is a remix of this version) & also on The Love That Whirls (Diary of a Thinking Heart) disc Whirl 1 track 5.

I don’t believe the single version of "Haunted" appears anywhere else than this 7". As noted above, the TTfAoE version is a remix & I believe the version added as a bonus track to the 2005 Mercury TLTW(DoaTH) re-release CD is another version or at least the remix remastered???

More later,

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