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14 March 2015

Nothin' is True...

On numerous occasions I’ve featured other of bassist Bill Laswell’s projects here. His efforts range from avant-garde to punk jazz, art rock to industrial hip-hop, Dub to electronica.

Although there is fantastic instrumentation on Hashisheen, this opus centers around the spoken-word stylings, recounting the story of Hassan-i Sabbah, founder of the Hashshashin (Hashshisheen), a legendary group of middle-eastern assassins.

Hashisheen features readings by Iggy Pop, William S. Burroughs, Anne Clark, Hakim Bey, Ira Cohen & others. Guest producers include Jah Wobble, Techno Animal, & Eyeless in Gaza.

Hashisheen is the story of Hassan-i Sabbah & his Hashshashin's journey from Persia to the mountains of Northern Iran, his conquest of the fortress Alamut, his extensive studies & philosophies, his isolation, & eventual death.

Bill Laswell – Hashisheen: The End of Law, Sub Rosa SR154CD, 1999.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –

First Reading (vocal – Sussan Deyhim)
The Old Man of the Mountain (vocals – Genesis P-Orridge & Percy Howard)
The Western Lands (featuring Techno Animal w/ vocals by Iggy Pop & W.S.Burroughs)
The Spilled Cup (vocal – Sussan Deyhim)
Marco Polo’s Tale (featuring Nicky Skopelitis w/ vocal – Hakim Bey)
Pilgrimage to Cairo (vocal – Hakim Bey)
Freya Stark at Alamut (featuring Anton Fier w/ vocal – Nicole Blackman)
Castles (featuring Anton Fier w/ vocal – Percy Howard)
Hashish Poem (vocal – Nicole Blackman)
Sinan’s Boat (vocal – Ira Cohen)
Assassinations (featuring Anton Fier w/ vocal – Nicole Blackman)
The Mongols Destroy Alamut (featuring Paul Schütze w/vocal – Percy Howard)
The Divine Self (Jah Wobble)
Morning High (featuring Nicky Skopelitis w/ vocals Lizzy Mercier Descioux & Patti Smith)
A Quick Trip to Alamut (featuring Paul Schütze w/vocal – Iggy Pop)
Slogans (featuring Helios Creed w/ vocal – Genesis P-Orridge)
Book of the Highest Initiation (featuring Helios Creed w/ vocal – Genesis P-Orridge)
The Lord of the Resurrection (vocal – Umar Bin Hassan)
Assassinations 2 (featuring Anton Fier w/ vocal – Nicole Blackman)
Tale of the Caliph Hakem (Eyeless in Gaza w/ vocals – Anne Clark & Genesis P-Orridge)
The Assassins (vocal – Hakim Bey)
Last Reading (vocal – Sussan Deyhim)

Nothin’ is true, everything is permitted,


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  2. Oh! This sounds very interesting. Especially love hearing Burroughs talk. I've been reading a 700 page biography on Burroughs which has been nothing less than fascinating the whole way through. "Call Me Burroughs: A Life" by Barry Miles is a great read and highly recommended for anyone interested in Burroughs.
    As for this file, would like to hear it but I couldn't get the file to decrypt. Tried a few times to no avail.
    Now the good thing: How are you doing? Hope all's well on your end and happy to hear you got your turntable back. Makes all the difference, doesn't it? Miss ya, NØ <3

    1. Sorry about the downloading problem. Others have mentioned it as well, but I checked & working fine. I had a friend check & it worked for her, too. I know that sometimes MEGA is a bit slow. When you enter the decryption code & select, a message "Cannot decrypt metadata..." pops up. If you just wait a few, it usually goes away & let's you proceed. If no luck, let me know, I'll upload it to my box account.

    2. Michelle, All is well here, getting ready for the planting season, very busy. & yes, my turntable's return has added smile to face. How have you been doing. Never hear from you much anymore.