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08 March 2015

Pink Trance from Outer Space

Here are a couple RoIO Pink Floyd nuggets. The first is a selection of early outtakes & rare(ish) versions of classic Floyd. The second is Trance remixes of Wish You Were Here, probably the best of numerous Floyd Trance remix releases (I'd guess it's not for the rabid...er...avid Floyd fan, however...).

Pink Floyd – Outtakes from Outer Space, Hippie Shit Label, Israel, 2004.
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Tracklist –

Lucy Leave
I'm A Kingbee
Interstellar Overdrive
Astronomy Domine
Experiment (Sunshine)
The Gnome
Matilda Mother
The Scarecrow
Vegetable Man
Pow R. Toc H.
Scream Thy Last Scream
Jugband Blues
Swan Lee (Silas Lang)
Flaming (US 7" single version)
Reaction In G
Milky Way

*Track 1 "Lucy Leave" & track 2 "King Bee" come from the first Floyd's session. Sound is excellent, in mono.

Track 3 "Interstellar Overdrive" is the "Tonite Let's All Make Love in London" version (almost 17 minutes long). Mono. Superior.

Track 4 "Astronomy Domine" is the Floyd's appearance at the "Look of the Week" TV show from May 14, 1967. The sound quality is excellent, in mono, with some slight tape hiss.

The most interesting tracks are track 5 "Experiment" (aka "Sunshine") & track 14 "Swan Lee (Silas Lang) " (aka "Silas Lane"). They are outtakes from The Piper at the Gates of Dawn sessions. "Silas Lane" only features Syd playing some chords, with sometimes strange distorted piano notes from Rick. It later mutated to "Swan Lee (Silas Lang)" & was recorded by Syd Barrett during his sessions for The Madcap Laughs album. It didn't appear on that album, but on the 1988 compilation Opel. The version here is a very early version, much different from the final Opel version. The sound quality for these two rare outtakes is excellent, in mono.

Tracks 6 – 13 are from the first two BBC sessions (the only BBC sessions with Syd). The first took place at the BBC Playhouse Theatre, September 25, 1967 (broadcast October 1). The second was recorded at Maida Vale Studio 4, December 20, 1967 (broadcast December 31). The sound quality is only VG.

Track 15 "Flaming" is the alternate mix taken from the 3rd U.S. single session (released on August 5, 1967, on Capitol's Tower label). This is a rough mono mix, not very different from the regular one, although some background sounds are mixed louder. It was mastered from vinyl. The sound quality is probably only EX.

Track 16 "Reaction in G" is taken from the 1967 Rotterdam concert at Oude Ahoy Hallen (The Hippy Happy Fair). This concert took place on November 13, 1967. This is a mono audience recording, not too bad for such an early Floyd recording. VG.

The last track "Milky Way" is a Syd Barrett outtake, slightly different from the released version on Opel. The basic track (acoustic guitar & vocals) is the same. This may be the "take 5" mentioned on Opel. This version has some overdubs that don’t appear on the album version: a kind of chorus guitar on the background & a bass playing a short transition. The version here is mono. Ex.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here-Trance Remixes (New edition), PF-WYWH-2, 1996.

Tracklist –

Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Fluffy Cloud version)
Welcome to the Machine (New Age version)
Have a Cigar (Take a Joint version)
Wish You Were Here (Atmosfear vearsion)
Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Part 2 of a Journey into Your Brain)
bonus track –
Psychedelic Dreams
* (including fragments from "One of These Days", "Fearless", "Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2 [film version]", "Time", "On the Run", the beats from Underworld’s "Born Slippy" & more).

This remix is by far the best of all the trance remix releases. This album lends itself to ambient interpretation more than any other Floyd release. Both parts of "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" are brilliant excursions into the outer limits with samples from The Orb's "Little Fluffy Clouds" scattered throughout. "Welcome to the Machine" & "Have a Cigar" are powerful interpretations with lots of heavy dance beats. "Wish You Were Here" is beautiful. & this new edition has the added bonus track "Psychedelic Dreams". This remix definitely lends itself for headphones.



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