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15 March 2015

What an ASS

Just got my copy of Armand Schaubroeck Steals – God Made the Blues to Kill Me! (#248 / 750) 10″ single. The package includes the 10″ single (Side 1 featuring the “Strat mix” of the title song, Side B the "330 mix" of the title song, both 13:11 minutes long) plus a signed CD with the bonus song "Slip Away", a postcard of the famous 'holding switchblade' photo, & a limited edition ASS God Made the Blues guitar pick.

It is the first release from Armand Schaubroeck Steals in over 30 years. The single is a teaser for the upcoming full length LP.

The title song is a thirteen-minute blues opera about a guy going to & returning from Vietnam.

Rev. Norb sez:  
"This is some genius, epic shit…It’s sort of like if …Eugene Chadbourne could have a long, coherent, musical thought, or if the Last Poets were white or if Zoogz Rift got electroshock therapy or something. The ending finds the protagonist opting for 'Needle Park' as opposed to the way of his other contemporaries, who 'eat the shotgun'."

I’m posting up the bonus track "Slip Away" for your listening pleasure. If you like it or already know ASS, then Armand Schaubroeck Steals - God Made The Blues To Kill Me!  10"/CD single ia available for $15.98 plus $6 s/h. Contact ASS at their facebook page or Mirror Records (Armand’s record label he runs out of the basement of his Rochester, NY House of Guitars).



  1. Excellent. 30 years. Now that's some kind of hiatus.

  2. oh crap oh crap! i woulda never known about this! phew..thanx....post his whole gd catalogue! i came to visit and decided to stay?..been dyin to hear that one

    1. Mirror Records (Schaubroeck's label) has re-released most of his back catalogue. You'll have to buy them or search about, most of it can be found.