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07 March 2015

Every Time this Throws Me for a Loop

Loop – Collision 12" 45rpm EP, Chapter 22 12CHAP27, 1988.

Other Side [A] –

Crawling Heart
Side A by Robert & Loop.

This Side [B] –

Thief of Fire
Thief (Motherfucker)
Side B by The Pop Group.

Loop are: Robert Wills née Hampson – guitar & vocals; James Endicott – guitar; Glen Ray – bass; & John Wills – drums.



  1. Loop. What a great band they were. I have this single as bonus tracks on "Fade Out", but my rip is at a miserable bit rate, so thanks. Again.

    1. Great, great band. They gave me the perfect Friday I was needing & I just felt like sharing.
      I have a couple live sets (Black Horse, Camden 03/05/87 & US 1990), Wolf Flow Peel Sessions, A Gilded Eternity, Black Sun EP, & Heaven's End (as well as Fade Out & Collision) so it made for a Looping Friday night. If you'd like to share any others, let me know.

  2. Hell, yeah. Anything would be appreciated. I think it was "A Gilded Eternity" I used to have on CD, plus some Peel on cassette. "Collision" was a favourite. Their covering The Pop Group, too, was the icing. Perfect Friday night listening, as you say.

    I ought to be sharing some sounds, myself, but I just don't seem to have the stomach for it. Can't distil it down for shit. Plus, all that Federales nonsense gradually wore the fabric out for me. I have turned into some kind of leecher. Hurling snide asides. Increasingly given to delirious rants, merely. It all adds up to one more hiatus, albeit this time on the page. A cranial cavity.

    BTW, those Floydian refurbishments were also kind of cool. I picked up a mash with Judie Tzuke somewhere down the line - "breathe with me till dawn" - which was also kind of appealing, in a sub Orb kind of way. Fu Tu Ro. Would have been nice to have seen that germ mutate into something more substantial.

  3. That Federales nonsense gradually wore the fabric out for many, I do believe.

    You may have turned into some kind of leecher, but at least you leave comments or as you say...hurl snide asides...increasingly giving delirious rants. I have to say that your words are informed & on topic, plus you leave yer name, unlike multitudinous 'anonymi' who chime in with..."Can't you post the version of the Japan-only vinyl, & why isn't it lossless?"

    I'll post up some more Loop to scoop in the next few. I've fallen behind on some other things that I have to get to first (some vinyl rips delayed because my turntable is in the shop having an overhaul...It's due back mañana!!!

    Never apologize for dl'ing. That's the receiving end of sharing, as welcome to me as the giving phase of sharing that I do.

  4. Actually. That federales nonsense. And, by extension, leeching.

    What has unsettled me the most is that for months now I have been seemingly stalked by someone in Redmond, Washington. Scouring every last post historically. Repeatedly, but never leaving a comment. To what purpose, I have no idea. But I can't imagine that anyone is merely that fond of verbiage on the bleachers. It has me rattled, I'll admit.

    1. You downplay the power of the verbiage on the bleachers, as I myself often go back & read old posts. Also, even though the links are no longer working, the information & the bands are still vital if someone values your taste, style, & expertise. I myself have discovered many an unknown treasure from the bleachers. Fear not.

    2. Maybe I am drinking too much coffee and not enough of the medicinal. Cheers.

  5. And thanks also for this. Great band and I second for more of 'em.


    1. You're wish, kind sir, is my pleasure. Done.