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06 March 2015


I was listening to “You Don’t Love Me (No No No)” by Dawn Penn first released on Studio One JRS-5081 in 1967. There were some problems with the original recoding (missed chord changes, etc.).  Re-released by Coxsone Dodd on his Coxsone Records (CS1008)  label the following year, his version of the song was a hit. It climbed the charts on both RJR & JBC radio stations in Jamaica. Thus began the mutations! As I was listening to that song & enjoying an herbal remedy, something vvvvverrrrrrrrrrrry ssssssstttttttrrrrannnnnnnnggggge bbegannn tooooooo hhhhhhappennnnnnnn…


NØ NØ NØ Megamix
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –

1- You Don’t Love Me – Dawn Penn, Coxsone Records CS1008, 1968.
2 - No No No (Dub mix) – Augustus “Gussie” Clarke & King Tubby, Gussie Roots Sounds, 1976.
3 - No No No (Phizzy Purple Dubstep remix)
4 - No No No (Seb I Dub re-edit)
5 -You Don’t Love Me (Kid Queasy Dubbed-up remix) 
6 -You Don’t Love Me (Ed Solo & Deekline’s drum ‘n’ bass remix)
7 - No No No (DJ Spooky remix), Trojan Records 06076-80581-2, 2007.
8 -You Don’t Love Me (No No No) – Dawn Penn, Steely & Clevie Records JA 7”, 1994.
9 - No No No (Dawn Penn vs King Tubby Prince Jammer Scientist mash-up)
10 - You Don’t Love Me (No No No) [Reel II Reel Junglist Lick) - Dawn Penn & Bounty Killer, Greensleeves Records GRED5005, 1994.
11 - You Don’t Love (No No No) [Shivadnb remix]
12 - You Don’t Love Me (Hirshee’s Drumstep mix)
13 - No No No (NPStylz mix)
14 - No No No (Unknown dub remix) Dubbystyle002, 2008.
15 - You Don’t Love Me (No No No) – Dawn Penn – Come Again Trojan Records CDTRL370, 1996.
16 – Yes Yes Yes (Jah Jah Loves Me) – Dawn Penn, Heartical HS059, 2011.



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  2. Gracias! Been looking for something definitive on Dawn Penn for a while. With no success. Thanks for all the spadework.

  3. Love this song so much, and it has such an interesting history:


    There is also a French version (Non, Non, Non) on the album LA Vampires Meet Zola Jesus. I have it somewhere...

    1. The back story of this song & all the permutations after its release(s) is a fantastic story. Thanks for the link to Wiki.

      I posted up LAVMZJ last November 29th on a similarly titled "Ø Ø Fun"

    2. That must be where I got it! I do have a French cover somewhere...

    3. The only French version I could find was by Mélaaz off her self-titled 1995 release on BMG'

    4. That's the one, Melaaz! I will add it to your megamix. I think I first heard it on the late great blog "Versions Galore" (whose author was also a big fan of "No, No, No").

    5. I found a few more through the website reggaecollector.com! In 1973. the male reggae singer KC White released a cover of "No, No, No" and a dub called "KG's" was released by the Simplicity People (with Gussie Clarke producing both singles) . I think your track 2 (King Tubby's dub) is based on the KC White cover. Big Youth toasted over KC White's version on the title track of his Screaming Target album, as well as the "Screaming Target" single's b-side "Concrete Jungle".

      Prince Jazzbo toasted over Dawn Penn's version on "Fool for Love", as did Michigan & Smiley on "Jah A The Creator". I bet there are more versions of the No No No riddim, since Dawn Penn's singles (1967 and her 1994 dancehall remake) were such big hits.

    6. Thanks for all these. Yes, the list goes ever onward.

    7. And beyond... http://www.riddimbase.org/riddimbase/query.php?category=riddim&id=1777&page=1

  4. Got my bong loaded, with my headphones on!