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14 March 2015

Shakespeare (& Dunbar)'s Second Act

Sly & Robbie – Rhythm Killers, Island Records 90585-1, 1987.
decryption code in comments

Side One –
Fire (Ohio Players tune)
Boops (Here to Go) [featuring Shinehead – vocals]
Let’s Rock

Side Two –
Yes We Can Can (Pointer Sisters / Allen Toussaint tune)
Rhythm Killer [featuring Shinehead – vocals]
Bank Job [featuring Rammellzee – vocals]

The Rhythm Killers are: Sly Dunbar – drums & percussion; Robbie Shakespeare – bass; Bootsy Collins – vocals & guitar; Gary "Mudbone" Cooper, Bernard Fowler; Shinehead; & Rammellzee – vocals; Pat Thrall – guitar; Nicky Skopelitis – guitar & programming; Bernie Worrell – piano; Karl Berger – vibes & melodica; Henry Threadgill – saxophones & flute; D.ST. – turntable; Daniel Ponce – bells & bata; & Aiyb Dieng – congas, bells, & percussion.



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  2. something's wrong with the key (or witH my computer?)

    1. I check & everything is working fine.

      The following is a reply I left on another post:
      "Sorry about the downloading problem. Others have mentioned it as well, but I checked & working fine. I had a friend check & it worked for her, too. I know that sometimes MEGA is a bit slow. When you enter the decryption code & hit select, a message 'Cannot decrypt metadata...' sometimes pops up. If you just wait a few, it usually goes away & let's you proceed. If no luck, let me know, I'll upload it to my box account."

  3. wait for 5 minutes but still "Cannot decrypt metadata without key"
    it never happens before with mega

    1. Thanks for trying. I uploaded it to box. here is the link: