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28 March 2015

Red or Yellow

The Lorries – Crawling Mantra 12" 45, Red Rhino Records RED T76, 1987.

Side A –
Crawling Mantra
All the Same

Side B –
Hang Man
Shout at the Sky (live in Detroit)



  1. Thanks for this (and Mydolls too). I'd really appreciate if you could post all the 12"s from period 1983 - 86. I've got albums (records) but not all the singles. People keep on talking about early Sisters of Mercy, Big Black, sometimes even mention the Three Johns ... then quite often stuff like early Godflesh gets attention etc. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry are for some reason neglected. But why!? RLYL psychedelic (corrosive) guitar tone / playing is equally good if occasionally not better, at least to my ears... Regards, d.

    1. I don't have all the singles. I do have The Singles 1982-87 (1994). Are you interested or do you have. I have a few of the singles on vinyl. Let me know.

  2. Mr. NØ, I do not have that compilation. Please, upload it when you get time. Also, any decent sounding 192 kbs+ vinyl rip by RLYL would make me happy. D.

    1. I'll try to upload the singles this week-end. Check back. Thanks.