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23 February 2024

Fab, Trip 23


Going back to the heyday of mid-90s Trip-hop, we have Baby Fox: Alex Gray, Christine Leach, Dwight Clarke. Christine & Dwight both sing & wrote the lyrics, with Christine doing the lead vocals. Dwight also played keyboards. Alex's forte was sampling/sequencing/mixing.

Baby Fox took elements of Dub & blues to create an off-beat, slightly eerie atmosphere. Not being on one of the genres "respected" labels or from Bristol, the group fought an uphill battle for recognition. They created capable groove-oriented dance music. The beats, the rhythms, the personality, the samples were all great but they proved to not be groundbreaking or breathtaking enough. They released only two full-length offerings before disbanding. This is their swan-song. 


Baby Fox - Dum Dum Baby, Roadrunner Records RR 8733-2, 1998.
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Dum Dum Baby
Heaven's Gate    
The Rookery Part 1
The Rookery Part 2
Nearly Beautiful
Bad Girl Love    
Fury to Forgiveness    
Rainy London Sunday
Still Point    
That's the Way it Is
The Line's Cleared    
Naked Hour

Enjoy the Trip,


  1. Dum Dum Baby

  2. Thanks for all the Trippy Music. Enjoyes it a Lot

    1. A few more trips to go...an extra one this leapy ear.