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29 February 2024

Fab, You Weary? Take the Leap, Trip 29

Strange day indeed! Let's take a leap...


It turns out that the purveyors of my favorite Trip-hop of the 21st Century are ''acts we've known for all these year''. The Sneaker Pimps 2021 release shared earlier this month is a prime example. Every Morcheeba release since Skye re-appeared on that horizon. Even Portishead's long awaited Third. But in my opinion, the artist at the Trip-hop top is none other than Lonely Guest.


Lonely Guest!

Who the F??? is that, you might ask. 

The inadvertent progenitor of the genre. The author of a paean to his mother Maxine Quaye who is nearly God . It is but another nom de musique for Adrian Thaws, the Tricky one. 

When I first heard Lonely Guest's self-titled, I was blown away. This is a work of sheer genius. As I have listened to it many many times, I am certain it is one of the best Trip-hop album ever (right up there with Tricky's first) as well as one of the best albums of any genre I have ever heard. The things that M. Tricky does with sounds & words & beats & the human voice-as-musickal-instrument are nothing less than spectacular.

Like many other musicians, Tricky had been expecting to be on the road throughout 2020 (promoting his Fall to Pieces release). But as we all know, the Covid lockdowns put the kybosh to those plans. He then started to collaborate with other artists, realizing they could work together without physically BEING together. Thus Lonely Guests, the "self-titled" album released in 2021 on Tricky's label False Idols featuring collaborations with Marta Zlakowska, Joe Talbot, Oh Land, Murkage Dave, Lee Perry, Rina Mushonga, Kway, Paul Smith, & Breanna Barbara.

Listen to this with a clear & open mind & please let me know what you think. This whole Trip-hop magilla has led to this climactic moment. Play it Loud! Hit atmosphere! 


Lonely Guest - Lonely Guest, False Idols, 2021.

Lonely Guest featuring Marta
Pre War Tension featuring Joe Talbot, Marta, & Tricky
Under featuring Oh Land
Pay My Taxes featuring Murkage Dave
Atmosphere featuring Lee Scratch Perry,Marta, & Tricky
Move Me featuring Marta
Pipe Dreams featuring Rina Mushonga
On a Move featuring Kway
Christmas Trees featuring Paul Smith
Big Bang Blue featuring Breanna Barbara

Enjoy the best Trip,


  1. Lonely Guest

  2. Not knowing your policy regarding requests... Any chance you can post Kelli Ali's Tigermouth ? This month was fantastic for me going back to trip-hop times. We must be the two only persons in the planet who know (and appreciate) Statik Sound System... lol

    1. Give me a couple days. Will be wrapping up the loose ends of Trip-hop Feb. Thanks for the comment & request.

  3. Thank you NØ for this special Feb!!!A lot of new things for me and a lot of reminders!!!

    1. Thanks, brother k for the comment. Good to find new & remember old. Cheers.

  4. Greetings NØ,just some questions ,is any chance to get some of the King Size Dub vol 1,2,3,5,6,7,.....?...All d best and thanks for d february Trip

    1. Here's the ones I have.
      King Size Dub

      Glad you bore with me for the Trip-hop thang. Know it's not really your Cup of Tea (see what I did there???).

  5. Thank you NØ! What a fabulous February!

  6. NØ Oh don t get me wrong, I m deeply into Trip Hop due it tight connection with dub music...In the late 90 s I had a priviledge to perform on the same stage in Austria with Kruder & Dorfmeister...Im right now checking some of my missing stuff to get to you....In the 90 s Ive bought some trip hop compilation I can t find any more due to my repetives moving.......Cheers I ll be back.

  7. NØ you never fail to fil up my expectation....you went even far beyond it ...your King Size series is truly a King size one....honestly Im discovering most of them....Big up bro!....you truly rock!

  8. Hi bro NØ,Im back again with the name of various artists of the 90.s call The =Rebirth of Cool= a compilation of acid jazz dub trip hop vol 1,2,3,4,....do you have any idea of those compilations?....in the late 90.s we played on boat in Paris with Roni Size and another dub french live act....Roni Size ,Tricky and many more artists are on those fabulous compilations.....Thanks

    1. https://nathannothinsez.blogspot.com/2019/05/dont-say-nothin.html