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27 February 2024

Fab, Trip 27

Don't get me wrong here, but our next artist gets it Rong all the time, yet she get's it oh so rite, right?.. 


FiFi Rong is a Chinese-British vocalist, songwriter, & producer. Her musical vision was forged in the crucible of her journey from China to the UK alone at age 16. Upon arrival in the UK, she set about exploring the potentials she was forced to repress growing up in China. It was only after she met her childhood musical hero Tricky, who saw FiFi's potential & encouraged her to pursue it, that she began to truly gain confidence in her own work. Her music deftly highlights the duality that merges Eastern roots with Western experience.

FiFi uniquely weaves emotional intimacy & vulnerability into her distinctive sonic vision. She manages to effortlessly blend Trip-hop with elements of alt. pop, R&B, electronica, IDM, avant-garde, & UK Bass, enveloping her unmistakable vocals in this mesmerising tapestry.

Her impressive collaborations include renowned artists such as Skepta, with her vocals gracing his hugely successful UK No. 2 & Mercury Prize-winning album, Konnichiwa. She has also worked with Tricky, Yello (on their chart-topping albums Point & Toy), Phaeleh, & the late Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

Here are a couple early ones, Fifi's debut full-length & an EP from the following year.


Fifi Rong - Wrong, FiFi Rong self-released, 2013.
all decryption codes in comments

Addicted to Water    
Only if I Knew    
56 Weeks    
I Need the World to End    
That Night
For You    
Hurt outa Sudden    
Dreamy Eyes    
Ever Rising Sun
Fifi Rong - Next Pursuit EP, FiFi Rong self-released, 2014.

Next Pursuit featuring Sadsic
Breathless featuring OP9
Wishes' Fault     
Cold in You
Equality featuring Sadsic


As a favor to a loyal visitor & contributor to this blog, I am adding a coupla tunes to this post. I wanted him to know that Nothin' was Rong (pun intended). Here is a post-CoTR Telstar single & an Telstar Ep from Monk & Canatella so that this Triphopuary has an M/C.
Monk & Canatella - Son 4.5.98, Telstar STAS3025, 1998.

Son 4.5.98
The Bearded One
Darkus Unplug Yourself
Monk & Canatella - Enter the Monk EP, Telstar CDSTAS3039, 1999.

Enter the Monk (radio mix)
My Style    
Duty Free    
Enter the Monk (original mix)

Enjoy the Trip,


  1. NØ your codes for wrong and Next pursuit are the wrong way round

    1. Thanks, Reb. Fixed the links & codes. Here is the new list.

      Next Pursuit EP
      SON 4.5.98
      Enter the Monk

  2. Incredible post Nathan! Kudos to you and this vital blog.

  3. Thank you, this has been a wonderful journey all month with so many new trip-hop finds for me. Big thanks for the Monk & Canatella EPs today, I'd only ever heard a few tracks their album "Care in the Community" and with a name drop from Portishead I always wanted to hear more from them.

    1. Thanks, Mooz. I'm going to repost the Care in the Community with bonus tracks that Anon shared here a few days ago this coming Friday if you didn't get it already.

  4. Hi there and thanks so much for posting these! It seems the decryption code for "Wrong" is invalid?

    1. Yeah, you nailed it. I got it all Wrong.

  5. Trouble with the Keys.Says Keys are wrong

  6. Seems kinda ironic that I got the Rong Wrong code wrong. Thanks. Fixed now.