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02 February 2013

All is Not Quiet inside Soviet France

:Zoviet*France: is a prolific ambient industrial music group formed in 1981 in Newcastle upon Tyne in Northern England. :Zoviet*France: , like The Residents, practice the theory of obscurity, never indulging in the cult of personality so prevalent in today’s culture. Unlike The Residents, who have used their anonymity as their image, :Zoviet*France: have chosen to remaim primarily anonymous. They don’t use their images on their musick or to promote said works. They believe that the musick should stand on its own. Of course in the thirty plus years that they’ve been around, certain names & photos have surfaced: including Robin Storey, who now records as Rapoon; Mark Spybey, who now records as Dead Voices on Air; Peter Jensen; Andy Eardley; Paolo Di Paolo; Lisa Hale; & Neil Ramshaw. Presently they feature Ben Ponton & Mark Warren.

They play their own personal brand of tribal/ritual musick. Their musick, consisting of droning textures set against tribal rhythms & fleeting dissonant melodies, made up of neglected sound sources: obscure radio broadcasts; toy instruments; instuments they have made themselves from found or pilfered materials; often heavily processed or looped. Over time their sound became increasingly electronic and computerised.

The packaging of their early works was extraordinary; records were released in burlap, roofing shingles, aluminium foil. Tapes in creosote-soaked muslin or ceramic boxes with bird feathers from a plutonium accident site. Their CDs have been more standardized, but occasionally included felt, decorative pins, & wood veneer.

Soviet France - A Flock Of Rotations (Rare original 1987 UK Red Rhino label 12-track vinyl LP) is housed inside a thin paper sleeve. Includes an additional heavier paper foldout sleeve with artwork by Robin Storey & Ben Ponton adorning both sides plus artist/album info on inside. "Soviet France musicians present A FLOCK OF ROTATIONS: a Congress of talking animals; a collision on the horizon…"

 Soviet France – A Flock Of Rotations, Red Rhino Records ‎– REDLP68,1987.
 decryption code in comments

Side Ring Accelerator, Collieshangie Cailin:

Side Line Accelerator, A Nest of Cocks:
Ions Collis
Luh Windan
Dream Hole



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  2. Thanks very much!

  3. to anon,
    you're most welcome. any other ZF you're looking for?

  4. Not one I'd heard. Thanks. My discovery of this project is very much how it should be. I found a tape of theirs at a Walgreens in Santa Fe NM in 1986 (Gesture Signal Threat, iirc). It was nestled in next to a Glen Campbell cassette and a compilation of "tunes for truckers." It seemed out of place, so I bought it. A good decision.

  5. to icastico,
    You should be in fairly familiar waters with this one if you have Gesture.
    It was also on Red Rhino from the previous year & with much the same cast of characters (Robin Storey & Ben Ponton, also with Paolo di Paola).