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21 February 2013

It's a Miracle

Miracle is some mighty fine example of On-U Sound. Bim Sherman was a bright star in the Jamaican Dub/Reggae world by the mid-70s. Adrian Sherwood heard Bim & dug his style. He invited Bim over to London to do some work with On-U Sound. Bim went & stayed.

Miracle was released in 1996 on On-U & Mantra with: Bim Sherman – vocals; Skip McDonald – acoustic guitar & backing vocals; Doug Wimbish – bass; Talvin Singh – tablas & percussion; & Carlton Oglivie – backing vocals. With additional strings by Studio Beats Orchestra Bombay.

What I’m offering up today is the Miracle Demo Sessions from 1995. These are unreleased acoustic versions that later were developed into the Miracles official release.

Side A –
Life (called “Simple Life” on Miracle)
Golden Locks
Over the Rainbow

Side B –
Missing You
Just Can’t Stand It
My Woman

On-U (I mean NØ)


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