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23 February 2013

There Will be Big Blood

Big Blood is known as “the phantom four piece”. Featuring Colleen Kinsella, Asian Mae, Caleb Mulkerin, & Rose Philistine. Appearing only as a duo. Two members are on the physical plane & two are on the more cerebral train. 

Cerberus Shoal, now on ‘hiatus’ according to Caleb, is a prolific Portland, Maine ensemble of art rock weirdos. They formed in 1994 at the Berklee College of Music (Boston), a group of Maine expatriates led by Chriss Sutherland & Caleb Mulkerin. Things like: their self-titled first release; Crash My Moon Yacht; collaborations with others, including Herman Dune & The Magic Carpathians Project or Sir Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls fame (called The Vim & Vigour of Alvarius B & Cerberus Shoal);...are all must-haves, in my opinion. Colleen Kinsella joined Cerberus Shoal for 2003s Chaiming the Knoblessone. She quickly became vital to the group as multi-instrumentalist & singer. Her vocals veer from a very distant & dry delivery to screaming banshee heart-plucking bitchgodessness.

 Big Blood evolved from Cerberus Shoal. Colleen & Caleb had a baby together, thus changing the dynamics of sound & soul. Big Blood became their outlet for musical, artistic & familial activities. In the past 4 years, they've released 13 or 14 full-length CDRs, each one reflecting the set list from a live show they've played.  Each CDR is unique unto itself, not a glimmer of rot, predictability, or filler.  This disc is from a couple shows: Space Gallery – Jan. 27, 2007 + Sahara Club – Jan. 28, 2007. You can get most or all of their output free at Free Music Archives. I picked this one because “She Said Nothing” (blush…blush).

 Big Blood – Space Gallery Jan. 27, 2007, DontTrusttheRuin-dttr 005, 2009. 
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Glory Daze
The Rise of Qunnisa Rose
A Troublesome Lot I
Shrining Light
She Said Nothing
A Hole in One
Don’t Trust the Rain
A Troublesome Lot II


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